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Types of Interviews

There are several types of inteviews that are commonly used to screen candidates at Virginia Tech. Following are definitions of the most common types of interviews. In addition, see below for information on the types of questions to use in interview.


Often used as an initial interview during the screening process, a telephone interview is helpful for the employer to get a sense of the candidate and vice versa and decide whether to move a candidate to the next phase of the screening process.


As a next phase to the screening process, candidates are often invited to a face-to-face interview. Typically, the hiring manager and the search committee are present at a face-to-face interview. There may be a couple of rounds of face-to-face interviews during the screening process depending on the number of qualified candidates.

As technology has become more accessible, face-to-face interviews may be done by Zoom or Skype depending on the location of the candidate and search committee.


Typically a face-to-face interview format, a panel interview involves a number of people sitting in on the interview with one person acting as the chairperson or moderator. The chairperson will lead the interview and queue questions from other members of the panel.


Typically a face-to-face interview format, a group interview is one where several candidates are present and asked to interact with each other as part of a group discussion. 


Typically a face-to-face interview format, though it could also be by phone, a sequential interview is where members of a search committee meets one-on-one with candidates. Sequential interviews are usually scheduled over a day or two and the candidate is provided an agenda. 

Interview Questions

Interview questions should be a blend of the following question types:

For more information or if you have questions on the best type of interview to use during the screening process, contact you HR representative.