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Resources for Employees

Much of our lives is spent at work, and many of us feel the effects of work-life imbalances. Employee Relations can advise employees on their options, as well as connect them to confidential external counseling services.

In most situations, people can have different opinions and continue to work together toward common goals; however, sometimes these differences result in workplace conflicts. If employees (coworkers, supervisors, or subordinates) are having difficulty communicating or working together, Employee Relations can offer advice, answer questions, and provide information about other available resources, including conflict resolution and mediation.  

As part of Virginia Tech’s health care benefit program, employees who are covered by the university’s health insurance have access to the Employee Assistance Program.

For employees who are not covered by the university's health care plan, the Employee Relations or Hokie Wellness teams are available to help employees and their families with referrals to local counselors. Some counselors charge fees based on income, making counseling more affordable.

The Employee’s Guide to Workplace Best Practices is a resource guide that includes a variety of documents and templates to support employees with navigating the employee-supervisor relationship.

Staff Employees

Employees and management are encouraged to resolve concerns informally through discussion or through the use of mediation. Employee Relations and the Office for Equity and Accessibility are available to help with these discussions and with conflict resolution. These programs offer opportunities to individuals to participate in mediation, facilitation, and other informal conflict resolution strategies to address a dispute or conflict with another person(s). The program includes workshop and individual skill building opportunities which nurture individual learning and growth.

If an employee is not able to resolve a problem through informal means, the grievance process is the next step.

A grievance is defined as an unresolved issue concerning the application of university policy, practice, or procedure.Through the grievance process, an employee can request upper level management review of a workplace concern or management action.

Review the Grievance Procedure which outlines the rules that must be followed. University and classified staff employees who have questions about this procedure should contact Employee Relations or your college or department’s HR representative..

Faculty Employees

The faculty grievance procedure is outlined in the Faculty Handbook. Refer to Chapter 7 for a full description of requirements and rules that must be followed. 

Important: Grievances must be filed in writing by the employee within 30 days of the time the action being grieved occurred. 

Faculty employees who have questions about this procedure should contact Employee Relations or your college or department’s HR representative.

Hokie Wellness strives to educate and empower every Hokie to take an active and engaging day-to-day approach to their wellness in order to enjoy a long, healthful, and purpose-filled life. 

The Offboarding and Employee Transfers page is a resource for employees considering departing Virginia Tech or transferring to another department.   

Touchpoints are recurring conversations between supervisors and employees that go beyond simple status updates or performance conversations. The goal is to create better alignment, productivity, motivation, and growth, but getting there requires employees and supervisors to talk honestly about things that impact their work and experience. 

These conversations might require touching on what you find challenging, rewarding, or even the strength of your work relationships. 

Visit the Continuous Performance Management website or contact Employee Relations for training and additional information regarding touchpoints. More information can also be found in the guide for employees.