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Talent Development

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Due to Virginia Tech's and the CDC's guidance regarding COVID-19, Talent Development has postponed regularly scheduled courses until further notice.

Talent Development empowers and supports a diverse and inclusive workforce to achieve their potential and engage as champions of positive change for the future by investing in the talent at Virginia Tech with strategic, high-impact professional development programs.

Talent Development is committed to providing professional development opportunities to help employees claim their role to achieve the aspirations of the university by fostering a continuous learning culture where: 

  • New Supervisors are engaged in meaningful and relevant learning opportunities to understand what it means to be a leader at Virginia Tech and know how to get things done.
  • A Professional Development Community organized with practitioners developing and delivering collaborative learning opportunities for faculty and staff to be more productive and engaged at work.
  • Individual Contributors are supported with curated skill-building professional development content to make learning easier and more accessible.

Visit the pages below to learn more about our current programs:

The university offers other development opportunities as well for employees. Visit this page for more information.