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Campus Climate Survey

Virginia Tech is committed to creating and supporting a workplace climate that fosters inclusion and diversity, and allows all students and employees to be productive and engaged members of our campus communities. 

The university uses climate surveys to gauge employee perceptions about our climate, diversity, inclusion, leadership, work environment, and job satisfaction.

Results from the university employee climate surveys are available below.

2018 Survey

Approximately 3,336 employees responded to the 2018 survey, a rate of 34 percent. Survey results reveal that the overall campus climate is positive, that employees are familiar with Principles of Community and our InclusiveVT commitment and believe they have a positive impact, and that employees are satisfied with their job and the people with whom they work. The survey reveals opportunities as well such as helping employees understand how to get help if they feel they are treated unfairly or inequitably, improving work-life balance support, and helping employees how to advance their career at Virginia Tech.

2018 Employee Climate Survey Results

2015 Survey

Approximately 3,954 employees responded to the 2015 survey. A comparison of the 2013 and 2015 survey results is available.

2015 Employee Climate Survey Results

2013 Survey

Approximately 3,112 employees responded to the 2013 survey, a rate of 42 percent. Survey results reveal that the university climate is headed in a positive direction overall, especially for institutional morale, relationships with co-workers, and commitment to quality work. Comments indicate a strong focus on departmental communications, but also a perceived lack of progress in diversity. Employees are particularly concerned about the lack of benefits for same sex couples and university accountability for discriminatory behavior. A comparison of the 2011 and 2013 survey results is available.

2013 Employee Climate Survey Results

2011 Survey

Approximately 3,211 employees responded to the 2011 survey. Instructional faculty were included in the survey for the first time. Based on survey results and comments provided, employees are still concerned about the economy's impact on Virginia Tech's financial situation. A number of employees also addressed our diversity initiative and how they would like to see Virginia Tech become even more rich with diversity with things such as gender equity and partner health benefits. Overall, employees are satisfied and continue to express their pride in working for the university. A comparison of the 2009 and 2011 surveys is available.

2011 Employee Climate Survey Results

As a result of the feedback, an additional survey was developed and distributed to collect more information about employee perceptions of internal communications.

2011 Perceptions of Virginia Tech Internal Communications Report

2009 Survey

The university’s first employee climate survey was distributed in the fall of 2009. Virginia Tech Center for Survey Research distributed the survey to 5,449 employees. With a 45 percent response rate, approximately 2,468 employees returned the survey including 171 pages of free-form comments. Instructional faculty were not included in the survey. Based on survey results and comments provided, employees are proud to work for Virginia Tech and generally consider it a good place to work. Employees also recognize that the nation's economic state is having a direct impact on Virginia Tech's financial situation.

2009 Employee Climate Survey Results