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Graystone Group Advertising Contract

Virginia Tech has an advertising contract with Graystone Group Advertising. This contract can be used for advertising faculty and staff positions in a variety of publications. Departments can place their own ads and will be billed directly. If the department prefers the recruiting specialist place the ad, please provide Human Resources with the department contact person and billing address.

Graystone contact

  • Email Graystone to request an ad quote.
  • For additional information or questions, contact Doug Geiling at 1-800-544-0005 ext. 303.
  • Contract number: TS-024-01

Graystone benefits

  • Easy access: One email or fax and Graystone does the rest.
  • Cost savings: Ads designed to minimize white space. All available discounts applied.
  • Time savings: Get multiple quotes on request and simplify the billing process.
  • Consultation: Knowledge to help with media planning and budget management.
  • Continuity: Message continuity for all recruitment placements.

Price policy

The only expense is the cost of ad placement. Graystone compensation is the standard agency commission paid by the media providers. Design and media consultation are included at no charge.

Full range of services

  • Traditional print (discipline and traditional sources)
  • Interactive QR programs to enhance print media
  • Online web only
  • Diversity options
  • Internet banner and tile placements
  • Complete and rapid reporting capability

Market research and consulting

Graystone has a recruitment database containing detailed rate, deadline and issue information for over 5,000 recruitment sources including discipline journals, scientific and nursing journals, medical specialty publications, regional and national newspapers and over 1,000 Internet recruitment sites. They share this information to help clients make informed decisions regarding media selection as well as targeting minority constituents within budget guidelines.