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Conviction Check Process

A conviction check is required for all non-student hires as defined by University Policy No. 4060.


  1. Department completes conviction check request form (for conviction, driving, international, and other requests).
  2. Human Resources receives and processes the form.
  3. Human Resources enters candidate information into the portal for TrueScreen, the third-party provider contracted to perform background checks for Virginia Tech.
  4. Candidates must have access to email. TrueScreen sends an e-mail directly to the candidate. This e-mail will come from "Application Station." 
  5. Candidate links to TrueScreen from the e-mail, creates an account, logs in, and completes the authorization/application and provides other documentation requested by TrueScreen.
  6. TrueScreen processes report.
  7. TrueScreen delivers report to Human Resources.
  8. Human Resources notifies department of check completion.


Conviction Check - Reason For Request - (Choose the type(s) or check(s) requested)

  • Conviction: Select if the candidate has lived in the U.S. or in both the U.S. and in international locations within the past seven years.
  • Driving: Select if driving is a required part of the position.
  • International Conviction: Select if the candidate has lived ONLY outside of the U.S. for the past seven years and has no U.S. addresses.
  • Other: If "Other: is selcted, a text box will pop up allowing the type of check to be manually entered. Additional checks are available in TrueScreen and are required for only specific positions on campus, per Policy 4060 and Policy 4061

Is this a Virginia Tech student? If so, which campus? This information will assist in determining the best check for the candidate and will prevent delays in processing. If “Yes” is chosen, a pop-up box will display asking for the appropriate campus location. This is required information.

Candidate’s Legal First, Middle, Last Name: Please use the legal name of the candidate. Requests that are entered without the correct legal name can cause a delay in processing.

Has this candidate every used another name? If you know whether another name has ever been used it will assist in determining the best check for the candidate and will prevent delays in processing. Other names do not have to be listed on the request form.

Billing Org (if applicable): If cost for the conviction check will be billed back to the department, provide the org code or title of the program.

Job Type: A pop-up text box will display if “Other” is chosen. Descriptions can be included in this box for positions such as Volunteer, J1, Intern, etc.

Confirmation: Once the request is submitted, a confirmation e-mail will be provided. If you have questions or changes in the future, you will be able to reply to this e-mail.

Location in Banner: A user with HR Banner access (enterer, approver and look up) may use the Employment Verification Form (PWIEMPV) to verify if a conviction check has been processed and the check date. Conviction Check information is not based upon departmental access.

Instructions for viewing this information follow:

  1. Navigate to the Employment Verification (PWIEMPV) page and type the person's ID in the ID field.
  2. Click the Go Button
  3. Under the section labeled Employee Certifications will list if a person had a conviction or drivers check performed

Tips to Determine if a Conviction or Driving Check is Valid: Virginia Tech Policy 4060, Conviction and Driving Record Investigation for Employment, outlines specific requirements regarding Conviction and Driving Checks. 

  • If an employee is returning to Virginia Tech or moving to a new position, previously-recorded Conviction Checks are valid for 24 months past the last date of service. 
  • If an employee is returning to Virginia Tech or moving to a new position, previously-recorded Driving Checks are valid for 12 months from the date they were conducted.
  • If a Conviction or Driving Check is listed under Employee Certifications but there is no employment information under PWIEMPV, contact
  • If there is no Conviction Check listed under Employee Certifications but the employee began work before 2012, contact
  • Departmental Senior Management, in consultation with Human Resources, can designate certain areas or job types that require new Conviction or Driving Checks even if the check on file is valid. 

DOT-regulated positions include Pilots and those that require an employee to carry a CDL. These employees and their employers must comply with specific DOT rules both as part of the pre-employment process and during term of employment. See Virginia Tech Policy 4061 Drug, Alcohol and Medical Testing Guidelines for Commercial Driver’s License Holders and other Identified Positions.

How to Select Packages for DOT-Regulated Employees

  • DOT Comprehensive Pre-Employment (CDL): Package includes all pre-employment requirements for new CDL drivers, Conviction and Driving Checks + DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Query + Pre-Employment Drug Screening, select for New Hires or those returning to Virginia Tech after a break in service greater than 24 months.
  • Employment Drug Screening (CDL & Pilot): Pre-employment drug screenings for these positions, select for CDL holders only if a valid Conviction/Driving Check is on file. For Pilots, select this + Conviction & Driving Check.
  • Employment DOT Clearinghouse: Pre-employment query of the DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, select for CDL holders only if a valid Conviction/Driving Check is on file.

Links to DOT Agencies and Information

Specific for CDL Drivers: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Specific for Pilots: Federal Aviation Administration

Clearinghouse web page:  FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Clearinghouse fact sheet:

PDF Links to Virginia Tech Process Resources and Federal Guidance

How to Assist Employees with the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse .pdf
DOT Compliance Steps for Employers and Supervisors.pdf
Proces Maps for DOT Packages.pdf

Add-On Packages can be requested for certain specialty and senior-level positions. A description of reports received from each package follows:

  • Credit: Credit report from TransUnion.
  • Sanctions Base: Reports on administrative or disciplinary actions taken against members of professional and technical disciplines that have accreditation or licensing processes. For example, the American Stock Exchange, Federal Trade Commission, and State Boards of Medicines.

The decision regarding the need for an add-on package is made at the departmental level. Divisional Directors and HR Generalists can provide guidance regarding add-on packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no standard time for the completion of checks. Length of time depends upon the localities that need to be searched. 

After candidates complete the authorization/application and provide any additional required information requested by TrueScreen, TrueScreen can then begin processing the check. Every disclosed locality is searched in its respective court system. TrueScreen must wait for courts to complete those checks. Because of this, there is no process for expediting checks.

Submit the request as soon as a contingent offer of employment is made and accepted. For employees who have a delayed start date, submit the request within six months of the start date.

When the conviction check request is submitted, Human Resources processes the request and inputs it into Truescreen. TrueScreen then sends an e-mail to the applicant immediately. This e-mail comes from “Application Station.”

Codes are provided in the original e-mail from Application Station. Applicants should contact TrueScreen at 1-800-803-9042, ext. 0 for assistance.

All technical support is provided by TrueScreen Customer Service. The applicant can call TrueScreen at 1-800-803-9042, ext. 0 for assistance.

Contact us through and we will update the request in TruScreen. The candidate will receive a new email. 

If an international address was disclosed, then additional documentation will be required to process that check. 

Generally, the original e-mail sent by Human Resources is accepted for visa applications. However, if you find that you need something in addition to that, please contact Human Resources.

  • Basic Package: Searches all addresses (U.S. and International) provided by primary name only. If the candidate discloses another name, it will not be searched in this package.
  • Basic Extended Package: Searches all addresses (U.S. and International) provided and will search by all names, including those disclosed by candidate and reported by TransUnion.
  • Student Basic: Searches all addresses (U.S. and International) provided and will also perform a default search of the student’s campus location. This is helpful as students often do not realize they need to provide campus addresses.
  • International: Searches ONLY international addresses. Intended for use if a candidate has not lived in the U.S. within the past seven years.
  • Driving: Provides a driving record check ONLY.
  • Other: Includes packages specifically for DOT-regulated employees and add-ons for specific / senior-level positions.


The decision to order an Add-On Package for certain positions is made at the departmental level. Contact the Divisional Director or HR Generalist for your department for guidance on Credit and Sanctions Base checks. 

DOT Packages are required only for employees whose positions require that they carry a CDL and are subject to pre-employment and random drug screenings. 

When we have completed internal processing of conviction check requests and entered them into the Truescreen portal, they are noted as “Closed” because internal processing is complete. When we receive the finished report from TrueScreen, we send an email to departments with the results.

The ability to view conviction and driving check information is a new tool for departments and can provide efficiency and expedite the employment process. For example, if a valid check is on file then departments can continue the employment process immediately. We will continue to perform this same check as part of our internal processes and will still notify departments if there is a valid check on file.

 Refer to guidance in Tips to Determine if a Conviction or Driving Check is Valid, above. If this information does not address your situation, you can either contact us directly or simply submit the check request. We will review that information as part of our internal process and will notify you if there is a valid check on file.