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Hiring Guidelines

The hiring guide is for Virginia Tech employees who have HR responsibilities and need information on the hiring process. Find the employee positon below to view step by step instructions on advertising, interviewing, onboarding, and other actions. For additional information, visit our Hiring Resources page

Type of Hire:

  • Competitive: A competitive hire will be posted and advertised publicly. Any applicant may view and apply for the position. This is the typical hire type that Virginia Tech uses for all faculty and staff positions. This is the only search option for 1500 hour wage positions. View more information on competitive search options here.
  • Non-Competitive: A non-competitive action will be managed internally and will not be advertised publicly. A non-competitive action will be filled by a promotion and/or transfer. Justification will need to be provided to Human Resources as to why a position is being hired non-competitively. View more information on non-competitive search options here.
  • Search Exemption: A search exemption is one where an external candidate is identified and hired due to unique circumstances. The candidate must still apply for the position through the applicant tracking system. View more information on seach exemptions here.