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Select the appropriate links below guides and other information systems managed by the Division of Human Resources.

HR Banner: HR Information System

User guides and support for HR Banner can be found in the HR Banner Guide site. 

Leave System and FMLA: For department leave representatives and managers/supervisors

Following are links to training and other information on the Leave and Time Worked Reporting System and FMLA for department leave representatives.  If you have questions about the leave system, contact the HR Leave Team.

**TimeClock Plus, the time keeping system for wage employees, is managed by the Payroll Department. Information, training, and guides on the system are available on the TimeClock Plus site. If you have questions about TimeClock Plus, contact the Payroll Team at

Application links

Leave Representative listserv

This listserv is used to communicate via email leave period entry deadlines, reminders, and other information that is useful for college/department leave representatives. To be added or removed from the listserv, contact the HR Leave Team. If you submit a request for leave representative access you will automatically be added.

Following are training modules for department leave representatives on the Leave and Time Worked Reporting System and FMLA for department leave representatives and managers/supervisors. The training is also available by searching "Leave Rep" or "FMLA" in the PageUp Learning Management System

  • How do I get access as a leave representative in the leave system? An online request will need to be completed to get leave representative access to the system. Before your access request can be submitted, you will need to print the last page and have it signed by a Dean, Director or Department Head. This paper copy must be submitted to the Division of Human Resources (Mail Code 0318).
    The access request is available on the HR Banner Guide. To access the HR Banner Guide website, log in with your Virginia Tech credentials and select "Request Banner Access".
  • Where do I access the leave system as a leave representative? Leave representative access is located under the HR Banner access section. 
  • Who do I contact for help with the leave reporting system? For questions about the leave reporting system, please contact the HR Leave Team by email. 

PageUp: Recruiting and Onboarding System (ATS)

The PageUp recruiting and onboarding system page includes upcoming system information regarding the module, the training program, and access requests. Training modules and resources for the PageUp recruiting and onboarding system can be found in the PageUp Recruiting and Onboarding Training Program site.

Performance Management

Additional information is available on the performance management website

New Hire Center

The New Hire Center provides a secure, centralized onboarding process for all new hires. It is a one-stop-shop for required onboarding activities that allows I-9 processors to track the progress of the completion of the onboarding activities and improves compliance. Additional information is available on the Online I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification page.