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Banner Separation Codes

Following is a list of Banner separation reason codes that departments should be used when an employee separates from the university or transfers to another department within the university. Please note:

  • While there are other codes available in Banner, please only use one of the codes listed below.
  • For retirements and disability-related separations, the Human Resources Benefits Team will enter the separation in Banner.
  • For layoffs, disciplinary separations, and probationary separations, please work with your HR practitioner (Divisional  Director, HR Generalist , or Employee Relations). 
Reason Code Reason Code Description When to Use
SEPBJ Separation – Better Job The employee is leaving to pursue a better job opportunity that is not within the university or another Virginia state agency.
SEPCA Separation – Comp/Restricted Appointment FACULTY ONLY - The employee has completed a restricted appointment and that appointment is not being extended.
SEPDS Separation – Dissatisfied

The employee is leaving because they are dissatisfied with their job. 

NOTE: If the employee has indicated dissatisfaction with their job, please refer them to Employee Relations for an opportunity to share their feedback confidentially.

SEPED Separation – Education The employee is leaving to pursue an education opportunity.
SEPEV Separation – Expiration of VISA The employee is separating because their VISA is expiring.
SEPFR Separation – Family Responsibility The employee is leaving because of family responsibilities. Examples include caring for children, aging parents, ill spouse, etc.
SEPLA Separation – Leaving Area The employee is leaving because they are moving out of the area.
SEPMS Separation – Military Service The employee is leaving because they are entering or re-entering military service.
SEPNR Separation – Non-Reappointment FACULTY ONLY – See the Faculty Handbook item 2.19.3 for more details about non-reappointment.
SEPNT Separation – Tenure Not Received FACULTY ONLY – This status is used only for tenure-track faculty who did not receive tenure.
SEPPR Separation – Personal 

The employee is leaving for reasons they cite as “personal” and no other specific reason is given. 

See also SEPBJ, SEPFR, and SEPLA. If the employee has indicated any of those reasons as motivations for separating, use that respective code instead.

SEPTR Separation – Trans to Other Agency The employee is leaving to take a job in another Virginia state agency.
SEPUT Separation – Transfer within University The employee is transferring from one department in the university to another.