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Resources for Managers

At times a manager may find themselves in need of advice or guidance on appropriate management techniques, whether regarding a specific situation or skill with which they need some assistance or general recommendations on how to better motivate and improve the performance of their employees. 

Management Best Practices is a resource guide that includes a variety of documents and templates to support leadership efforts in guiding a successful employee experience at Virginia Tech.

Touchpoints, also known as check-ins, are recurring conversations between supervisors and their employees that go beyond simple status updates or performance conversations. The goal is to create better alignment, productivity, motivation, and growth, but getting there requires employees and supervisors to talk honestly about things that impact their work and experience. These conversations might require discussing what employees find challenging, rewarding, the state of their well-being, or even the strength of their work relationships. 

Visit the Continuous Performance Management website or contact Employee Relations for training and additional information regarding touchpoints. More information can also be found in the guide for supervisors.

  • Boomerang lets you schedule emails to send later, helps you follow up on messages that don't get a reply, and makes scheduling meetings a snap! You can snooze an email to have it reappear later, or share real-time availability with contacts in a few easy clicks. 
  • Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. You can download a free version here:
  • Teamflect is a toolkit that helps managers and employees stay engaged and connected through an all-in-one employee engagement and performance management solution built for Microsoft Teams.

The Offboarding and Employee Transfers page is a resource for supervisors that have employees considering departing Virginia Tech or transferring to another department.   

When considering a disciplinary termination, contact your college or department’s HR representative or Employee Relations.  Review the Guidelines for Terminating Employment Safely and Effectively.