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Temporary Agencies and Search Firms

Specialty search and temporary agency employment contracts are established for use by all university departments. The specialty of skill sets offered by each firm and hourly billing rates vary.

We recommend that you contact the firms directly to determine if they offer the position needed and have resources available. If the position and resources are available, make arrangements with the firmand ask that invoices be sent directly to you. Upon receipt of the invoice, process a purchase requisition using the “non-catalog” form. If you need assistance with the HokieMart purchase requisition, contact the HokieMart Helpline at 540-231-2020.  

Remember that tHuman Resources has a team of recruiters that may be able to assist in finding talent without the need to engage an outside vendor. Please contact Jeff Cumberland, talent acquisiton manager at 540-231-7773 or to inquire.

Temporary Employment Services

Speciality Search Firm Services

Executive Search Contracts

If you have additional contract questions, contact:

  • Michael McCoy, Human Resources Contract Administrator, 540-231-0706
  • Reed Nagel, Assistant Director of Procurement, 540-231-5240