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  • Administrative and Professional (AP)
  • Teaching and Research (TR)
  • Research
  • Adjunct teaching


  • Classified
  • University

Frequently Asked Questions: Conversion from Classified to University Staff


  • 1,500-hour
  • Student
  • Emergency hire
  • Sporadic hire

Classification structure

For all staff and non-student wage positions, Virginia Tech utilizes the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Classification Structure. The structure consists of seven occupational families. The occupational families are divided into career groups which are further categorized by roles.

A broad grouping of jobs that share similar vocational characteristics.

A subgroup of an occupational family. A career group identifies a specific occupational field common to the labor market.

Describes a broad group of occupationally related positions that represent different levels of work or career progression within a career group.

The Standard Occupational Classification system is used to classify jobs into occupational categories. Jobs are classified into one of more than 820 occupations according to their occupational definition. Each broad occupation group includes detailed occupation(s) requiring similar job duties, skills, education, or experience.

A specific title used by an agency to describe a specific position. It is very important that the work title be reflective of the responsibilities of the position.