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Thank you for your service to Virginia Tech

As a Virginia Tech retiree, you join a group of more than 2,500 former university employees and qualify for a variety of privileges and benefits.


Email address
Retirees may keep their Virginia Tech email (“@”) address. These accounts may be set to forward to any other account desired by the retiree. Call 540-231-HELP (4357) for more information.

Hokie Passport
Retirees are eligible for a Hokie Passport that allows continued privileges with the University Library Services, War Memorial Gym Access, and Blacksburg Transit. To obtain a new Hokie Passport for retirees, visit the Hokie Passport Office, located in the Student Services Building, Suite 100, 800 Washington Street.

Information Technology Services

A Virginia Tech retiree may keep his or her PID with its associated password. The university's Acceptable Use of Information Systems of Virginia Tech applies to use of the PID. Periodic renewals may be required. A PID represents an identity and should not be shared.

PID passwords must be changed annually. Failure to change one’s password results in loss of access to online services.  Information on updating your PID password.

Retirees expecting to spend time on campus can pay for wireless access managed by Network Infrastructure & Services (NI&S). To find out the latest rates, contact NI&S Customer Service at or 540-231-2800.

Support for services made available to retirees by Information Technology. For help contact help desk support (540-231-HELP or 540-231-4357).

Parking permit
Retirees are eligible for free parking. To obtain your free parking permit visit the Parking Services Office, located at 505 Beamer Way. Should you return to work at Virginia Tech in any capacity, you must obtain a regular parking permit again.

Retirees Association
The Virginia Tech Retirees Association provides retired employees with the opportunity to remain engaged with each other and the Virginia Tech community. This organization is open to all retired faculty, staff, their spouses, and the spouses of deceased retirees. Members have the opportunity to attend association sponsored luncheons and other events throughout the year For more information about the Virginia Tech Retirees Association, contact Jesse Lippard at 540-231-4420.

Lifelong Learning Institute at Virginia Tech
The Lifelong Learning Institute offers short courses, special events, local field trips, charter travel, and volunteer opportunities for people who are retired or nearing retirement age. LLI is a member-driven volunteer organization that draws on the wealth of academic and community resources in the New River Valley. Launched in the fall of 2015, LLI at Virginia Tech now has about 500 members and offers a wide array of courses and events in two terms each year. VT retirees are encouraged to learn, perhaps to teach, and to volunteer with LLI. All are welcome! To learn more about this lively learning community and to view the current schedule of offerings, consult LLI’s website.


Virginia Retirement System (VRS)

  • View benefits, update personal information, information about receiving benefits, and more at the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) website.
  • VRS Handbook for members hired before July 1, 2010
  • VRS Handbook for members hired on or after July 1, 2010
  • Retirees cannot return to a wage position with a VRS covered employer for at least 30 days. There cannot be any prearrangement to return to a part-time position.

Tax sheltering
Individuals receiving a leave payment for annual, compensatory, and possibly sick leave (if a classified employee with the old sick leave plan), can shelter the leave payment or a portion of it to help with the taxation. Academic year faculty who receive a lump sum payment are able to potentially tax shelter some of that payment.

Health benefits

Health insurance credit
Individuals retiring with at least 15 years of service credit may be eligible for the health insurance credit. This is a tax-free benefit that assists with health insurance premiums paid for single coverage, excluding any portion of the premiums covering a spouse or dependents.  The health insurance credit is $4 per month for every year of service. For example, at 20 years of service, $80 per month will be received in health insurance credit. This credit is available to both VRS and ORP retirees. Individuals do not have to be enrolled in the state health insurance plan to obtain the credit, it can be applied to any health insurance premium.

Stay connected

Virginia Tech daily email
Retirees will no longer receive the Virginia Tech daily email for employees after their official retirement date. A public version of the email is available. Retirees who wish to receive the public version of the daily email can subscribe online.

Virginia Tech retirees Facebook
The Virginia Tech retirees Facebook page is a gathering place for employees who have retired from Virginia Tech and would like to stay in touch with the university and each other. This is also used by VT HR to send notices to retirees about upcoming events and changes that may affect them.