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TimelyCare is a virtual health service available to full-time faculty and staff and non-student wage employees of Virginia Tech at no cost. Employees have access to TimelyCare services regardless of their insurance status or location in the United States. TimelyCare offers employees three services:

  • TalkNow, which connects you with a mental health professional to address issues promptly. It provides immediate care during a crisis when you need someone to talk to right away. If you are outside of the United States, TalkNow is available with a U.S.-based phone number or virtual private network. There is no limit to the number of times TalkNow can be used.
  • Twelve (12) scheduled counseling appointments per academic year with counselors licensed in the state where you are located.
  • Health coaching, which provides information and guided sessions on well-being topics such as dealing with conflict, time management, exercise, sleep, nutrition, and mindfulness. There is no limit to the number of Health coaching sessions employees can use.
  • On-demand self-care content such as guided mindfulness and yoga videos; tips for stress reduction, maintaining healthy relationships, and healthy eating; and informational slides, videos, and articles that tackle topics in depth.

For scheduled counseling and health coaching, employees can look at the biographical information, clinical specializations, and photos of counselors and choose the one they feel best suits their needs. TimelyCare accommodates more than 250 languages and offers translation services. The service’s app and website comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and HIPAA. Employee records are confidential and not shared back with Virginia Tech. If you have used the service and are getting close to your 12 free sessions, visit this page for more information regarding your options

How to connect with TimelyCare

Employees can connect to TimelyCare by computer, tablet, or smartphone using their Virginia Tech email address. Both phone and video sessions are available.

We encourage you to register with TimelyCare before you need the service. When registering, you can skip the graduation date, which is not required. Download the app so you can access services whenever and wherever you need them.

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