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Aflac is a supplemental insurance plan that pays cash benefits to help with expenses due to injury or illness. The benefits are pre-determined and paid regardless of any other insurance that an individual may have. Employees choose the policy(ies) that best suit their needs and have the premiums payroll deducted. 

Visit Virginia Tech's Aflac Website to review videos and product information for the available plans.

Virginia Tech offers the following plans:

  • Accident Plan
  • Cancer Plan
  • Critical Care
  • Hospital Protection
  • Short-Term Disability

Enrollment timeframes for Aflac products are limited to the first sixty (60) days following an employee's hire date, and the open enrollment period of September 1 - 30 for an October 1 effective date. The exception to this rule is the short-term disability policy, which employees can enroll in and cancel at any time.

Have questions about Aflac?

Employees who are interested in learning more about this benefit can do so by meeting with an Aflac representative on the Blacksburg campus. To schedule a meeting, or for more information, contact Michael Glover, Aflac representative, at 540-997-3201. Employees who work at extended locations should also contact Glover to schedule a phone call.

Enrollment Options

Apply for coverage by contacting our Aflac representative, Michael Glover at 540-997-3201.