Leave Reporting

Information for leave representatives is available in the Resource Guide.

Employees are responsible for accurately tracking, recording, and reporting leave usage. Leave usage is submitted online through the Leave and Time Worked Reporting System.

Some departments designate a leave representative, responsible for entering leave data for a group of employees, while some departments rely on each individual to enter his/her own leave data. Employees should discuss the specific process in their area with their supervisor. Regardless of who enters the data, employees are responsible for confirming the accuracy of their leave report.

Leave periods begin on the 10th of the month and go through the 9th of the following month.  Leave reports are to be submitted between the 10th and 16th of each month.

  • Staff employees are required to submit leave reports monthly, by the deadline.
  • Calendar year faculty are required to submit leave reports during any leave  period that leave is used and are to submit leave periods 6 and 12 for financial reporting purposes.
  • Department heads may require leave reports to be submitted monthly by all faculty.


Online tutorials are available in the Employee Resource Guide by selecting "Applications Support" from top menu and then selecting "Leave System" from the left menu. Manuals can be found by expanding "User Guides."