Bryan Garey
Vice President for Human Resources
Email bgarey@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-7457
Ellen Banks
Human Resources Compliance and Policies Officer
Email ellen2@vt.edu
Phone 919-247-0626
Marie Bliss
Assistant Vice President of Human Resources Administration
Email mbliss4@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-5762
Martin Daniel
Associate Vice President of Human Resources Strategic Engagement
Email danielmp@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-0086
Susan Hughes
Senior Advisor to the Vice President and Transformation Specialist
Email susanh@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-3781
Curtis Mabry
Executive Director of Human Resources Initiatives and Partnerships
Email cmabry@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-5359
Robin McCoy
Executive Director of Finance and Operations
Email robinmc@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-3826
Tricia Simpson
Senior Project Manager, Process Improvement Specialist
Email pssimpson@vt.edu
Phone 540-232-8470
Laurie Stacy
Director of Communications
Email lauriest@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-4387
Sue Teel
Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Human Resources
Email sateel@vt.edu
Phone 540-231-7784