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For Supervisors: Onboarding New Employees

Onboarding is the process of welcoming new employees to the university and their team, helping them understand job expectations and how their position supports the university’s mission, and quickly equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and key relationships to be successful in their new job.

Why is onboarding important?

  • Helps employees build a strong sense of belonging and engagement from the beginning of their employment.
  • Helps new employees fully contribute more quickly.
  • Improves overall job satisfaction.
  • Builds a more cohesive team and raises team productivity.
  • Helps increase new employee retention.
  • Reduces high turnover costs.

What is my role in onboarding as a supervisor?

The supervisor’s role is critical to onboarding. Your new employee will be looking to you to for guidance on what their first priorities will be, who they need to meet with, when to attend orientation, and more. Every employee you hire provides a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on our university.

Click the links below for resources to help you get your new employee off to a great start.

This new hire onboarding toolkit will help hiring managers make a new employee feel welcomed and engaged while also helping you prepare and plan for their first 90 days with Virginia Tech. Use this toolkit to review key university policies, procedures, culture, and help them understand their day-to-day responsibilities within your business unit/college.

For all hires completed in the PageUp applicant tracking system, new employees are assigned an onboarding portal. The PageUp onboarding portal serves as a living checklist of items that need to be completed by the new hire. There, new hires can find their assigned Virginia Tech ID number and begin working on their onboarding activities.

As the hiring manager, you can track your new hire's progress as they complete items on the checklist. You can view their task list, as well as some additional tasks for you, by logging into the PageUp system.