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Tips, tricks, and strategies to help everyone be their best during work.

Introduction to Graphic Design: Concepts (52m) (General) - Graphic design is a complex art that involves many different skills and tools. In this course, instructor Tony Harmer covers the core skills that every designer needs to know and shows you how to integrate all these skills in your workflow. Tony discusses the four stages of the creative process. He introduces you to the jargon used in typography, as well as type classifications and the basic measurements used when working with type. Tony goes over the how to pick pleasing color combinations, how to use color as information, and how to accommodate viewers with color vision deficiency (CVD). He explains the impact you can make with images and illustrations in graphic design projects, and he walks you through how to create a graphic design layout. Tony concludes with some creativity tips to keep your ideas fresh.

Business Analysis Foundations: Strategy Analysis (1h 18m) (Beginner) - Strategy analysis is one of the six major knowledge areas of business analysis, and practitioners must be able to incorporate strategy analysis practices into their work activities. In this course, instructor Laura Paton begins with the basics of strategy analysis, including the value and concepts. Next, Laura shows you how to start performing Strategy Analysis with four key tasks, starting with analyzing the current state environment. She covers strategies to elicit information from stakeholders, conduct a gap analysis, and identify risk. Laura also explains the solution options and financial measures that you can use to assess the viability of a proposed solution. Plus, she discusses techniques such as creating a business case to present your analysis to decision makers. Exercise files related to this course can be accessed via the course page on the LinkedIn Learning website.

How to Get Things Done Ahead of Deadlines (1h) (Beginner) - Have you ever worked with someone who never seemed to miss a deadline and often got things done early? If yes, you’ve likely wondered what their secret is. In this course, creativity and productivity expert Samantha Bennett will demystify how these deadline masters operate. Sam discusses the psychology of deadlines, methods you can use to set a project or target for success, and how to create timelines that work. She goes over ways you can plan for when things go off course, then concludes with practical strategies to set expectations, communicate, collaborate, and get things done.

Microsoft Teams: Working with Files (1h 6m) (Intermediate) - Microsoft Teams changed the way we work. With Teams, you can share files in a one-on-one chat, during a Teams meeting, or by posting to a department’s Teams channel. Although many users are sharing and storing files with Teams, they may not know the best way to find previously shared files or how to manage file permissions. In this course, LinkedIn staff instructor Nick Brazzi highlights the best ways to store, organize, edit, and share files using Microsoft Teams. Nick begins with a quick overview of how file sharing works in Teams. He then demonstrates how to view and edit files, including how to set and adjust file permissions. Nick shows how to manage your file libraries within Teams to ensure contents are organized efficiently. He also covers the most effective ways to share files and show PowerPoint presentations during a Teams meeting. To wrap up, Nick offers tips for managing files in the Teams mobile app.