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Develop useful skills that can be applied in the workplace. 

Habits to Win Every Day (51m) (General) - Do you want to find ways to build more alignment, manage your energy more effectively, and increase your motivation levels? In this course, executive coach and psychologist Dr. Jason Richardson empowers you to do all these things and more. Jason first walks through how you can shift your mindset to create an environment that feeds your success. He helps you identify what's important to you, and shares how to pinpoint the goals you're looking to achieve. Then, he reviews how you can reduce your energy killers and swap them out for other sources that can actually give you more energy. Jason also provides methods for how you can commit to achieving the goals you've set out to accomplish by building in consistency, finding your why, and keeping yourself motivated. Finally, Jason reviews how you can keep yourself motivated as you look to accomplish and achieve new things. After finishing this course, you’ll be prepared to incorporate these habits, shift your mindset, and win every day.

How to Speak So People Want to Listen (34m) (Beginner) - Do you want to be an engaging speaker? In this audio-only course from How to Be Awesome at Your Job, international speaker Julian Treasure shares tactics and techniques that improve how you communicate. Julian stresses the importance of learning how to listen first. Understanding how your audience listens will improve your speaking. Julian shows you words to avoid and roadblocks to work around. If you’re more concerned about looking good or being right than you are about giving value to your audience, then your presentation won’t have any impact. Julian shows you ways to vary how you speak to keep your voice engaging. Change up your pace, tone, pitch, and volume to make your speaking more dynamic. You can also resonate your voice from your chest to sound more authoritative. Julian encourages you to keep your posture straight for more powerful speaking. Hunching prevents you from using your voice at its best. Julian concludes with the four C’s of good listening.

You Need a Career Development Plan (9m) (Beginner) - You can't navigate your way to career success without first plotting a course. Having a career development strategy can be extremely helpful in figuring out where you want to go and exactly how to get there. This course, adapted from the Modern Mentor podcast, helps you plot your route to career success by providing a roadmap for professional development. Podcast host Rachel Cooke identifies the strategic actions you can take to build your knowledge, skills, and experience. She presents step-by-step advice for identifying career goals, finding mentors, cultivating unique and necessary skills, maintaining accountability, staying flexible, and investing in yourself.

Overcome Overthinking (36m) (General) - While the act of overthinking usually feels like work, it's more often the opposite. The more we delay action to get tangled in our own thoughts, the farther we get from our goals. In this course, explore tools, strategies, and activities that can help you stop the cycle of overthinking to start feeling happier and more productive. Melody Wilding, the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work, goes over the most common types of overthinking and details how to tell the difference between deep thought and overthinking. She shares techniques for creating psychological distance from your thoughts and reframing how you look at situations. Plus, get tips for avoiding common pitfalls, including how to avoid overthinking when you're under pressure. Exercise files related to this course can be accessed via the course page on the LinkedIn Learning website.