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Leading takes knowledge and practice. Gain insights and build skills in order to be a more effective leader.

Aligning Your Values with Work, Life, and Everything In Between (38m) (Beginner) - Having more alignment in your life is a proven way to feel more balanced, motivated, and passionate about how you spend your time. This course, taught by communications coach and entrepreneur Christina Vo, navigates how to align your values throughout all avenues of your life. Christina first reviews the basics of alignment, including its importance to overall well-being. She then walks you through a reflection exercise to get clear on personal values and passions, and discusses how these values can impact the type of work you enjoy and how you work most effectively. Finally, Christina explores how you can embody your values in other aspects of life, such as in relationships or stress management. Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools to reflect on your alignment and continue to grow in this arena.

Becoming an Impactful and Influential Leader (20m) (Beginner) - Unlock your full leadership potential. Get insights on how to build your character and influence in this course adapted from the podcast How to Be Awesome at Your Job. Ron Price explains how to grow your character by identifying your key values and practicing them. Ron also shares how to find your blind spots by soliciting honest feedback from trusted colleagues. Plus, learn how to guarantee follow-through by asking your collaborators the right questions, approach new situations with the humility of a student, and more.

How to Set Goals When Everything Feels Like a Priority (15m) (General) - Sometimes it can feel like you’re working on everyone's else's to-do list instead of your own. How can you make space for accomplishing the goals that are important to you? Join best-selling business author and consultant Dorie Clark as she shares practical advice on how to prioritize effectively so that you can get meaningful things done. Dorie shares techniques that you can leverage to get clarity on what to prioritize, as well as how to take action when you find yourself unsure of your next steps. She explores well-known frameworks, including the Eisenhower matrix and the Pareto principle, that can help you become more effective. Along the way, she shares how to find the motivation to get yourself going, maintain your momentum, and make it all the way to your goal.

Learning to Say No with Confidence and Grace (42m) (General) - Turning down requests at work can be tough. If you're a high performer who serves as a resource for other teams, it can even feel like a small failure. But saying no is actually a critical skill that all professionals must master in order to prevent burnout and honor their own needs. In this course, learn how to gracefully decline requests without negatively impacting your career or relationships. Melody Wilding, the author of Trust Yourself: Stop Overthinking and Channel Your Emotions for Success at Work, goes over the mental blocks that can keep you from saying no. She shares tips for assertively and clearly declining requests, managing your emotions when receiving pushback, and diffusing tension. She also details how to say no in special circumstances, including how to tactfully decline requests from your boss and teammates. Along the way, Melody shares scripts and sample language you can use to implement these confidence-building techniques in real-world situations. Exercise files related to this course can be accessed via the course page on the LinkedIn Learning website.