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A year in review: Launched in March 2020, the Virtual Learning Center (VLC) was created as an online resource and learning center. It quickly became a key professional development resource for members of the Virginia Tech community in working, leading, and learning in any environment. 

Explore the categories below to discover curated videos and articles that focus on areas of professional development that are relevant to the Virginia Tech community. 

  • Easily find tips for building self-confidence, rocking an interview, leading at a distance, using a strengths-based approach for maximum team potential, organizing a remote office space for maximum productivity, how to influence others, and more. Be sure to review any exercise files provided for respective LinkedIn Learning courses as well.

  • Short on time? Start with our new category of Micro-learning opportunities. These brief learning activities have been selected to fit into anyone’s schedule. Listen to a podcast, read an article or watch a quick video.

  • Check out our new Professional Development Perspectives area as well. This section highlights goal-setting for self-directed learning with Dr. Alicia Johnson and articles from a graduating senior regarding “self-care is professional development” and “creating a nurturing classroom environment”.

  • Download and use the VLC Takeaways Notepad to enhance the learning experience; reflect on pertinent takeaways, reinforce the knowledge and implement new strategies at work.

Content will be updated on a quarterly basis. Set a goal to take at least one hour per workweek for your professional development and engage in the content on the Virtual Learning Center.

Pursue the balance of both working remotely and dealing with everyday tasks with Talent Development's Virtual Learning Center and Hokie Wellness at Home. At this time, as Virginia Tech embraces the virtual workspace, place a renewed focus on personal well-being techniques to help foster relationships, spur innovation, improve motivation, and add greater resilience.  That said, be sure to check out this article on How to Combat Zoom Fatigue, featured in the Harvard Business Review and made available for their readers.

updated April 2021

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Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students all have LinkedIn Learning accounts which can be accessed through single sign-on using Virginia Tech's PID and Password. To activate the free LinkedIn Learning account, register using this link. If you have a personal LinkedIn account, log out of your personal account then log in through this link.

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