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Collaborate, learn, and grow with colleagues

Professional Development Circles (PDCs) are small, organized groups of professionals that share a passion for self-improvement and that meet in order to share knowledge, support one another, build connections, and grow their leadership knowledge and skills. 

PDCs are designed to develop an interconnected community of professionals that nurture each other, provide relevant and directed feedback, assist in developing goals, help each other foster accountability, with the overarching goal of making Virginia Tech an even better place to work. 

PDCs offer an opportunity for professionals of Virginia Tech to delve deeper into a topic with a group of peers who share the goal of growth and self-improvement.  A desire to learn and challenge yourself is a must!

PDCs are a chance to discuss the challenges you face with your peers and get direct feedback, as well as an opportunity to share your insights with peers in return. With your circle, you will be able to gain a deeper understanding by diving deeper into a problem, dissecting the issue as a group and creating a strategy for solving the problem.  

You will also grow your professional network, meeting others across the university, growing, developing and strengthening the professional community at Virginia Tech. 

PDCs will run with the academic year. More specific information per year will be shared on this site prior to the start date. 

  • Talent Development will accept applications for PDCs for 2022-23 from now until Aug. 31, 2022.
  • PDC members and their groups will be announced shortly after. 
  • A live, online orientation meeting will be held for all members the week of Sept. 12, 2022.
  • It is recommended that groups meet once-a-month. The frequency of meetings will be determined by the group members.

Each circle should meet and discuss their ideal schedules. Talent Development recommends meeting at least once a month, but that will be up to members and their schedules. Each circle will need to decide:

  • Meeting schedule and length of meeting
  • Theme or focus of each meeting 
    • Talent Development provides discussion guides and other resources as an option
  • Goals should be set for each meeting
    • Goals can be anything but should be a skill or tool that is applicable in the workplace. For example, if someone is having an issue with a team member that is having motivation issues, then a strategy to address those issues could be discussed at the meeting


Applications for the 2022-23 program are now open.

Applications will close for the 2022-23 program on Aug. 17, 2022. Please use the link to apply: