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Telework and Remote Work Information for Employees and Leaders

As Virginia Tech prepares to move to modified operations on Aug. 3, this page helps university leaders, managers, and employees in determining what positions and employees are well-suited for regular or occasional telework/remote work.

Recognizing that some work can only be done on-site, Virginia Tech supports the use of appropriate flexible and alternative work options for employees where remote work or telework is an option.

The following university documents are the foundation for the telework and remote work suitability guide:

Please follow the steps in the guide to determine whether telework/remote work is a good solution for a position and an employee.


  • Flexibility with childcare and eldercare will be granted when working in an alternate location due to COVID-19.
  • It is an accepted practice for Teaching and Research faculty (T/R faculty) to carry out their work with varied schedules on campus and at alternate locations, therefore, a formal telework agreement will not be required for T/R faculty unless the normal work assignment is consistently at an alternate location (i.e. not the standard assigned office).