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Guidance for leaders

The following resources are available to help leaders navigate questions from your employees as Virginia Tech gets ready for the fall 2020 semester.

Ready to Return Leader information channel

This is a dedicated channel for for leaders with direct reports. Included are short videos containing information for leaders on topics such as:

  • Accountability
  • ADA
  • EAP, Mental, and Emotional Wellness
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Resources for Adaptability
  • Leave
  • Managing Remotely

If you lead people and would like access to this channel, please contact your college or department's HR partner.


Following are key contacts and resources that can help you with questions from your employees.

Key documents and resources

The university and Human Resources has made many resources available to employees and leaders to help prepare for the fall semester. Following are several key documents that are important for employees and leaders to review.

University documents and resources:

Human Resources documents and resources: