Established in 1981, the Virginia Tech Retirees Association provides retired employees with the opportunity to remain engaged with each other and the Virginia Tech community. The voluntary organization is open to all retired faculty, staff, their spouses, and the spouses of deceased retirees.

Since January 1990, more than 2,500 employees have retired from Virginia Tech with more than 1,200 retirees still living in the local area.


  • Provide an opportunity for continued growth of Virginia Tech's retired faculty and staff
  • Provide program opportunities for Virginia Tech to use talents of retirees to benefit retirees and the university
  • Provide the community with expertise and experience of retirees
  • Provide a campus "home" to serve as a point of contact for retirees


Membership benefits include the opportunity to attend exclusive seminars and discussions, tours of various facilities across campus, and association sponsored luncheons that take place twice a year in the fall and spring.


Year membership (July to June) is $30 per person, or $60 for retiree and spouse.



Event information will be mailed directly to Retirees Association members. 

For more information about the Virginia Tech Retirees Association, contact the Department of Human Resources at at 540-231-3463.


The Virginia Tech retirees’ Facebook page is a gathering place for folks who have retired from Virginia Tech and would like to stay in touch with the university and each other.

Officers of the Board

John Ficenec
Chair, Virginia Tech Retirees Association

Shelby Cole
Vice Chair, Virginia Tech Retirees Association

John Muffo 
Treasurer, Virginia Tech Retirees Association

Teresa Lyons 
Secretary, Virginia Tech Retirees Association