Administrative and professional (A/P) faculty are an integral part of the university and are tasked with the leadership and management of the university through a variety of roles, including extension agents, librarians, coaches, physicians, lawyers, engineers, architects, student and academic affairs professionals, development officers, and public relations human resources, information technology, and financial practitioners.

A/P faculty include senior administrators and managers and other professionals have responsibility for supervision and evaluation of a significant number of staff and/or professional faculty, and budgetary responsibility for their unit or a substantive program.

Leadership development

  • The Executive Development Institute (EDI) is designed to identify and develop Virginia Tech’s leaders and provide multiple approaches to career enhancement and development.
  • The Management Academy (MA) is a cohort-based learning experience designed to assist managers with the development of skills necessary to effectively lead, manage, and support their respective teams, processes, and projects.
  • The Women's Leadership and Mentoring Program (WLMP) program provides a cohort-based experience for post-masters women who are aspiring higher education administrators and wish to gain leadership knowledge and experience.

Educational assistance

  • Salaried employees who have been with the university for at least 90 days are eligible to apply for tuition assistance. The program applies to full- and part-time salaried employees who wish to take credit courses at Virginia Tech or other accredited institutions.

Performance management


The supervisor is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date job description for each administrative and professional faculty member within the unit and for determining acceptable standards of performance. Goals and objectives are developed annually in consultation with the faculty member. These should relate closely to the functional title and job description of the position and should become criteria for assessing performance throughout the performance cycle. All administrative and professional faculty members should complete an annual faculty activity report at a time determined by the appropriate administrator, but usually near the end of the academic or fiscal year, referencing their goals and objectives and citing their accomplishments, gaps, and future goals and objectives. Additional items to report are service to the university, creative scholarship, and other professional activities and recognitions that occurred during the performance cycle. The performance of each administrative and professional faculty member is evaluated annually in a discussion with the supervisor and by written response. The annual faculty activity report and evaluation are part of the basis for salary adjustments, professional development opportunities and growth as well as other personnel matters.



  • Kirk Wehner, director of compensation and performance management, 540-231-7775
  • Rodney Irvin, director of employee relations, 540-231-5303

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