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Employee Separations

Separation Consultations

Employees who have questions or concerns about the terms of their separation, wish to discuss their rights to file a grievance, or would like to conduct a separation consultation prior to leaving the university, should contact Employee Relations.

A separation consultation provides an employee with the opportunity to share their concerns and feedback regarding their employment at the university. Employees willing to share their experiences, assist Employee Relations immeasurably as they work continuously to improve the employment experience. Feedback related to management, job responsibilities, and overall experience helps create a better experience for other employees and support Virginia Tech’s goal to be an employer of choice.

Employees can contact Employee Relations to schedule a separation consultation at any time.

Return of Virginia Tech property

On an employee’s final day of employment, they will need to return all Virginia Tech property to their supervisor before leaving. Below is a non-inclusive listing of common items to be returned:

  • Parking pass
  • Hokie Passport
  • Keys, magnetic access cards, eTokens
  • Cell phones, pagers, computer equipment
  • Uniforms, tools

Benefits and final pay

Employees with health coverage through Virginia Tech, will continue to have coverage through the end of the month in which they separate from employment. For information about continuation of coverage through COBRA, retirement, or other benefits-related questions, contact the HR Service Center at 540-231-9331.

Employees will be paid for the days worked in their last pay period on the following pay date, as per the regular pay period and pay date schedule. Annual and compensatory leave balances owed to qualifying appointments will be paid via direct deposit on the next pay date following the last paycheck for hours worked. Separating employees should ensure they complete their final leave report. Faculty restricted positions are not eligible for unused leave pay out upon separation of employment.

For questions about leave balances, contact the leave team in the Division of Human Resources at 540-231-9331.

For payroll processing questions, contact the Payroll Office at 540-231-5201.

Virginia Employment Commission (VEC)

The Virginia Employment Commission has a number of valuable resources available to job seekers. Employees who are seeking other employment, want to speak to a career counselor, or need resume or job training assistance are encouraged to take advantage of the Virginia Employment Commission’s resources.

For more information, visit or call 1-866-832-2363.

Employees who are Virginia residents and believe they are eligible for unemployment compensation, may file a claim at or by calling 1-866-832-2363. West Virginia residents should contact Workforce West Virginia at or by calling 1-800-252-5627.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As long as an employee is covered by active state health benefits they are eligible to receive services from the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Employee Assistance Program counselors can assist in dealing with stress and anxiety, career transition issues, family issues, financial concerns, and much more.

For more about Employee Assistance Program benefits, contact Hokie Wellness at 540-231-8878.