2013 Climate Survey


The 2013 climate survey distributed to employees included two free-form comment sections on diversity and inclusiveness, and 83 multiple choice questions based on the following scale: 1-strongly disagree, 2-somewhat disagree, 3-somewhat agree, and 4-strongly agree.

With a 42 percent response rate, approximately 3,112 employees returned the survey.


Survey results reveal that the university climate is headed in a positive direction overall, especially for institutional morale, relationships with co-workers, and commitment to quality work. Comments indicate a strong focus on departmental communications, but also a perceived lack of progress in diversity. Employees are particularly concerned about the lack of benefits for same sex couples and university accountability for discriminatory behavior. In addition to the 2013 results, a comparison of the 2011 and 2013 survey results is available.

Looking forward

Virginia Tech continues to improve the campus climate by taking action in response to survey results. Actions to look forward to include:

  • Results broken down and distributed by senior management, to allow for engaging and particularly relevant conversations
  • Offering of employee focus group services for departments that wish to promote an improved climate
  • Meet with various caucus chairs to discuss diversity related results, and to invite suggested action items