2011 Climate Survey


The 2011 climate survey was distributed to employees and followed by approximately 3,211 responses. The survey included two free-form comment sections and 81 multiple choice questions based on the following scale: 1-strongly disagree, 2-somewhat disagree, 3-somewhat agree, and 4-strongly agree. Instructional faculty were included in the survey for the first time.


Based on survey results and comments provided, employees are still concerned about the economy's impact on Virginia Tech's financial situation. A number of employees also addressed our diversity initiative and how they would like to see Virginia Tech become even more rich with diversity with things such as gender equity and partner health benefits. Overall, employees are satisfied and continue to express their pride in working for the university. In addition to 2011 survey results, a comparison of the 2009 and 2011 surveys is available.

As a result of the feedback, an additional survey was developed and distributed to collect additional information about employee perceptions of internal communication.