Campus Climate Survey

Virginia Tech is committed to creating and supporting a workplace climate that fosters inclusion and diversity, and allows all students and employees to be productive and engaged members of our campus communities. To understand our progress toward these goals, we invite all Virginia Tech employees to take the campus climate survey between Oct. 15 and Nov. 9

How to take the climate survey

  • All employees with a Virginia Tech email address will receive an email on Monday, Oct. 15. The email will come from Ross Mecham, director of organizational development in the Division of Human Resources.
  • The email will contain a personalized survey link. Simply click the link to complete the survey. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the survey.

NOTE: For employees who do not have access to a Virginia Tech email account, paper surveys are available. Please contact your supervisor or Human Resources at 540-231-5092 to receive a paper survey.

Important information about your survey link

  • The link you will receive is personalized for you. Do not forward the link to others.
  • The survey will be pre-populated with some organizational information about in order to ensure accurate reporting after the survey is complete.
  • Your responses to this survey are absolutely confidential. Virginia Tech’s Human Resources Organizational Development Department is coordinating the survey and will ensure your responses remain confidential.

2018-19 climate survey changes

This survey is different than what Virginia Tech has used in previous years. We have created one survey that every member of the Virginia Tech community – all students and employees across all locations – will be able to take. Employees will complete the survey between Oct. 15 and Nov. 9. Undergraduate and graduate students will have the chance to take the survey during spring semester.

How will survey data be used

The feedback collected through this survey will:

  • Help us understand the perceptions of employees and students as it relates to our university’s diversity, inclusion, leadership, work and learning environment, and job satisfaction.
  • Lead to a better understanding of the campus experience for different groups of people.
  • Enable us to develop strategies and make informed decisions that inspire positive change in our campus climate over time. 

While participation is voluntary, we encourage every employee to take this opportunity to share your feedback.

Previous employee climate surveys

First administered by Virginia Tech Center for Survey Research in 2009, survey feedback was used to determine how employees perceived the university’s strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas. Responses were analyzed and distributed to senior leaders in departments across the university. Previous employee climate survey results are available for employees to review, and include detailed breakdowns for multiple choice questions, overall employee thoughts and comments summaries, and a list of various actions taken by the university in response to the survey.

  • 2013 Survey
    • Approximately 3,112 employees responded to the 2013 survey.
  • 2011 Survey
    • Approximately 3,211 employees responded to the 2011 climate survey. As a result of the feedback, an additional survey was developed and distributed to collect additional information about employee perceptions of internal communication.
  • 2009 Survey
    • The university’s first employee climate survey was distributed in the fall of 2009. Approximately 2,648 employees responded.