Virginia Tech aspires to be a great place to work. To ensure employee satisfaction in various aspects of the work environment, a biannual Employee/Organizational Climate Survey is conducted to allow the Department of Human Resources better understand the nature of the work environment at Virginia Tech.

First administered by Virginia Tech Center for Survey Research in 2009, survey feedback is used to determine how employees perceive the university’s strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas. Responses are then analyzed and distributed to senior leaders in departments across the university.

Previous Climate Survey results are available for employees to review, and include detailed breakdowns for multiple choice questions, overall employee thoughts and comments summaries, and a list of various actions taken by the university in response to the survey.

2013 Survey

Approximately 3,112 employees responded to the 2013 survey.

2011 Survey

Approximately 3,211 employees responded to the 2011 climate survey. As a result of the feedback, an additional survey was developed and distributed to collect additional information about employee perceptions of internal communication.

2009 Survey

The university’s first employee climate survey was distributed in the fall of 2009. Approximately 2,648 employees responded.