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Joining Virginia Tech: Your First Days, Weeks, and Months

We are thrilled that you made the decision to join Virginia Tech. We understand that the first days, weeks, and months of employment are filled with excitement, a wealth of information, and many questions. Your supervisor and Human Resources are here to provide you with the help and support needed for success in your new role. This site contains information that is helpful as you begin your new role with Virginia Tech. Please feel free to add this page to your favorites and refer to it if you have questions.

Before you start

  • If you are a salaried or 1500-hour wage employee, you were sent your offer letter through the PageUp applicant tracking system. Once you've accepted your online offer and filled out your new hire form, you will be given access to your onboarding portal.
  • To go to your onboarding portal, log in to the PageUp system using your applicant credentials and click on "Go to Employee Portal." 
  • The onboarding portal contains a comprehensive checklist of the various tasks you will need to complete before your first day, such as:
    • Accessing your Virginia Tech ID Number
    • Setting up your Virginia Tech Username (PID) and 2-Factor Authentication
    • Completing Part 1 of the I-9
    • Adding Direct Deposit Information
    • Completing Tax Forms
    • Scheduling New Employee Orientation
  • If you are unable to access your onboarding portal, please contact the HR Service Center at or 540-231-9331.
Create your Virginia Tech Username (PID) and complete Duo 2-factor authentication
  • Once your supervisor receives your Virginia Tech ID number, they will contact you to complete your personal identification.
  • As an employee of Virginia Tech, you will be assigned an ID number (90XX-XXXXX). 
  • Once this ID is created, you can setup your PID (personal identifier). This is a unique identifier that belongs to you and you only. Your PID and passphrase grant you access to Hokie SPA, Canvas, OneCampus, Office365, Google Suite, and more.
  • Duo 2-factor authentication is an additional security measured used by Virginia Tech to verify your identity prior to logging you into systems and other university sites.
  • It is strongly recommended to create your PID and complete the Duo authentication process prior to your hire date.
  • Visit this webpage to create your PID and complete the Duo authentication process.

New hire forms

  • Once you have a PID, you can complete your direct deposit form before your hire date. Visit this page to complete your online direct deposit information. All Virginia Tech employees are required to enroll for direct deposit as part of the new hire process. Click here for more information on Virginia Tech’s payroll schedule:
  • All employees must complete the federal I-9 employment verification process, which verifies your eligibility to work in the United States. Please visit this page on Virginia Tech’s website, select the “Payroll” tab and click on “I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification” to access the form. You may complete Section 1 of the form prior to your start date. You will complete the rest of the form on your first day in your new job. Remember to bring one of the required forms of identification to complete the form.
  • You will need to complete a federal and state tax withholding form. Visit this page on Virginia Tech’s website, select the “Payroll” tab for more information on tax forms.
  • When you completed your new hire form with Virginia Tech, you provided information on your disability and veteran status. As a new hire, we ask that you review this information again to provide any updates. Once you have your PID, you can do this before your start date. Log into HokieSPA, select “Hokie Team” and select “Veterans Classification” and “Update Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Information” to complete these steps. 

Your first day

  • Prior to your first day, your manager or human resources representative will contact you to confirm your start date, time, and location; where to park; dress code; and other information you need for your first day.
  • Your manager will meet with you on your first day and provide the following information if they have not already done so:
    • Review your job description, outline of duties, and expectations. Ask how your job fits in the department, and how your job and department contribute to the department and the university. Discuss expectations for the current evaluation period.
    • Hours of work; ask questions about policies and procedures for overtime, use of vacation and sick time, holidays, and breaks.
    • Overview of functional area including organizational structure and goals.
  • Your manager or a designee will give you a tour of your department and introduce you to other team members. They will also give you a tour of your building/work area to show you entrances and exits, break rooms, rest rooms, supply storage, location of incoming and outgoing mail, etc.
  • For Blacksburg-based employees, you will need to get your Hokie Passport on or soon after your hire date. The passport is a photo ID with your employee number that is used for a variety of campus needs. To get your passport, visit the Hokie Passport Office in the Student Services Building at 800 Washington St. SW, Suite 100. Blacksburg-based employees will need to get your Hokie Passport before visiting Parking Services.

You and your manager, or a designee in your department, must complete the entire I-9 form within three days of your start date with Virginia Tech. You will need to provide one of the required forms of identification to complete the I-9 - be sure to bring that identification with you on your first day of work.

Your parking options depend on your work location.  Information about parking options for the Blacksburg campus and certain Greater Washington D.C., metro area locations are below. For other work locations, please contact your hiring manager,  at to inquire about parking.
  • All new employees located on the Blacksburg campus receive a 30-day free parking permit, which you can obtain either through your onboarding portal or on your hire date by visiting Parking Services in person.  
  • Visit the page above to review parking permit options and to purchase a parking permit.
  • For your convenience, view a map of available campus parking.

Greater Washington D.C., metro area

  • Because of the excellent public transit options in the Greater Washington D.C., metro area, Virginia Tech offers the Commonwealth Commuter Choice program:
    • Full-time Virginia Tech employees (faculty and staff) who commute to certain identified Northern Virginia counties and cities can receive a monthly benefit in free SmarTrip credit to use on public transit or vanpool to get to work. This benefit is tax-free and you are eligible if you commute to work at least one day a month using either public transit bus, commuter trains, subways or van pools and your office is located in the counties of: Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, Spotsylvania, and Stafford or the cities of: Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Manassas, and Manassas Park.
    • Everything you need to know about the Commonwealth Commuter Choice program is available on the program's website.
  • If you plan to drive and park onsite, please contact your hiring manager regarding your specific parking options, as it varies by work location.
  • Sign up for VT Alerts, Virginia Tech's emergency notification system. When a situation arises in which the university determines that immediate action is required on the part of students, employees, and others, a VT Alert is issued to the impacted region(s). Go to the page above to sign up then select “Students and employees” to complete your registration.
  • All employees with Virginia Tech email addresses are automatically registered to receive the VT Daily email soon after their hire date. The newsletter is published by e-mail, Monday – Friday when the university is open and is managed by the VT News team. Electronic delivery of information via e-mail is the primary vehicle for internal communications at Virginia Tech. Review Policy 12200: Virginia Tech News Daily E-mail Policy for more information. 

Your first week

As you settle into your new environment, we encourage you to explore Virginia Tech. Your comfort level will increase each day as you meet more people, gain familiarity with your new surroundings, get to know the university, and begin your work projects.


Make sure you are aware of your deadlines for health insurance, flexible spending accounts, and other benefits:

  • Health Insurance: Within 30 days of first day of employment.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (medical and dependent care): Within 30 days of first day of employment.
  • Retirement (for faculty): Within 60 days of first day of employment.
  • Voluntary Retirement (automatic enrollment): Must opt-out of 457(b) within 90 days of first day of employment (excludes VRS Hybrid plan members) if you do not want to be automatically enrolled.
  • Optional Life Insurance: Within 31 days of first day of employment to be issued without a medical exam (<$350,000).
  • Legal Resources: Within 60 days of first day of employment.
  • Aflac: Within 60 days of first day of employment

New employees have required training that they must complete within the first 90 days of their employment with Virginia Tech after their date of hire. These cannot be completed prior to your start date. The following are required for Virginia Tech employees:

  • Request a copy of your job description from your supervisor and talk with him/her about their expectations:
    • Make sure you understand how you will be evaluated and who your supervisor is.
    • Familiarize yourself with the purpose of your department and where your job fits into the department.
  • Make sure you are aware of any of the following items that apply to you:
    • Safety procedures/equipment (i.e., safety shoes, goggles, gloves, etc.).
    • Safety training required as part of your job (i.e., radioactive materials, x-ray producing equipment, etc.).
    • Identify any legal restrictions with which you must comply.
  • Be familiar with:
    • How, when, and to whom to report an accident.
    • Who to notify and what to do in case of an emergency in the office.
    • The appropriate attire for your job.
    • Any policies regarding food and beverages in the work area.
    • Your department’s policy about personal visitors during work hours.
    • The university’s smoking policy.
    • The university’s non-profit solicitation procedures in the department (solicitation for profit is prohibited).
    • How your supervisor expects you to answer the telephone, which telephones and telephone lines may be used for personal calls, and any restrictions on the usage of the phone.
    • How your departments handles noise levels, including what restrictions they may have on music.
    • How business travel is handled, including how often you may have to travel and how to handle the logistics.

Your first month

As you continue to develop in your new role, learn about the organization, build relationships, and ensure you’ve met your deadlines for benefits enrollment. Sign up, as needed, for professional training, and explore the community.

  • Talk with your supervisor about how they would like you to handle requesting time off (verbally or in writing ) and when time off may not be requested (i.e., while school is in session, end of fiscal year, length of leave period allowed).
  • Talk with your supervisor about how they would like you to handle calling out sick, including whether you will need a doctor’s excuse to return to work.
  • Familiarize yourself with the university holidays and authorized closings.
  • Learn how to report your leave each pay period.

Learn about your department’s policy on flexible work options.

  • Learn about the availability of the Tuition Benefits Program, the department policy on taking classes, i.e., how many class hours allowed, how class time missed from work is made-up and any time periods when classes cannot be taken.
  • Learn about any required or developmental training programs, seminars, or conferences. Both on and off-site opportunities are available.
  • Learn about professional development and other development options that Virginia Tech provides employees.

First three months

In your first three months, you should become fully aware of your role and responsibilities, begin to act independently and produce meaningful work. As your acclimation to Virginia Tech’s environment continues, you will embrace your new role at Virginia Tech further and further.

Make sure you understand that all employees have a 12-month probationary period with evaluations at six and 12 months. Prior to the six-month evaluation, probationary employees are ineligible to apply for other jobs at Virginia Tech except within their home department.

Within 90 calendar days of your start date, all new employees must complete the mandatory compliance workshop either online or in-person. This workshop covers the university's policy on discrimination and harassment and Virginia Tech's responsibilities related to Title IX and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.

Your first six months

As you gain momentum in your work and take the lead on some initiatives, this is a great time to assess what you have done well and what you could have done differently in your first six months. As your work moves forward, continue to develop relationships with peers as go-to partners.

Prepare for your six month performance evaluation. Prior to this evaluation, probationary employees are ineligible to apply for other jobs at Virginia Tech (except within their home department).

Your first year

At this point, you should feel fully engaged in your new role. You are able to use your skills and knowledge, make sound decisions, contribute to team goals, and understand how your assignments affect others in the organization. You’ve developed effective working relationships and have a strong understanding of Virginia Tech’s mission and culture.