Performance Management

Virginia Tech is committed to an annual performance management process that fosters and rewards excellent employee performance. Working in partnership, employees and supervisors are able to develop a working environment that enables open two-way communication, promotes consistency in performance assessment, motivates employees to perform at their best, and is conducted with fairness and transparency.

Performance Management is a cyclical process that begins with performance planning, continues with coaching and counseling and ends with a performance evaluation.

Performance planning

During this phase of the process, employees and supervisors work collaboratively to develop a performance plan that that aligns the efforts of supervisors and employees with departmental and campus goals.

Each October, employees are asked to develop a new performance plan that outlines goals and objective for the coming year. The plans are developed using an online tool available in Hokie SPA. New performance plans should be finalized by mid-November each year.

Coaching and counseling

Coaching and counseling is a year-round process in which supervisors are tasked with providing ongoing feedback to employees.

Performance evaluations

Performance evaluations are a necessary and beneficial process which provides an opportunity for supervisors to provide feedback to employees regarding job performance. The performance evaluation is intended to be a fair and balanced assessment of an employee's actual performance during the review period.

Each September, employees are asked to go back to their performance plan and evaluate themselves before they meet with their supervisor for an evaluation.

Performance Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions will help supervisors and employees prepare for the annual performance evaluation process for full- and part-time staff.