Compensation & Performance Management

Virginia Tech is committed to providing our expert faculty and staff with competitive compensation and rewarding excellent employee performance.


Virginia Tech employees are classified as faculty, staff, or wage. Learn more about employee classifications at Virginia Tech.

Compensation Management

Compensation Management is integral to attracting the best employees and making Virginia Tech an employer of choice. The Compensation Management program incorporates competitive offers, in-band adjustments, market data, overtime (FLSA), pay strategy, pay structure, and role changes.

Performance Management

The annual performance management process helps foster a partnership between employees and supervisors. It is a cyclical process that begins with performance planning, continues with coaching and counseling and ends with a performance evaluation.

Total Compensation

Total compensation includes not only salary, but additional benefits such as paid time off, insurance, retirement plans, educational assistance programs, and much more as well. Current and prospective employees can utilize the Total Compensation Estimator to help illustrate the overall value of the university’s comprehensive employment package.