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Leave and Time Worked Reporting System

In January 2016, phase I of the system was fully implemented across the university.  The system, which was developed by the Division of Human Resources and Human Resource Applications, allows departments to enter and submit leave reports electronically. The system replaces the Leave Entry and Reporting Web System, which was launched in 1998 and required electronic entry and paper submission Utilizing a phased approach to implement the new system allows members of the Leave and Human Resources Applications teams to identify additional process efficiencies for departments.

Features of the Leave and Time Worked Report System

The Leave and Time Worked Report System, which is paperless and incorporates the hours and time worked report (P-128), is expected to save almost 132,372 pieces of paper university wide.

Other features include:

An updated interface/design that is user-friendly and optimized for mobile devices allowing individuals to use the system from any desktop or mobile device.

  • A custom URL that will make the online system easily available:
  • Better efficiency-In addition to supporting the university’s sustainability initiatives by saving 2,000 pounds (1 ton) of paper, the new system also saves time and will eliminate room for human error.
  • A flexible routing system that will allow departments to determine who they want to enter and approve leave for employees.
  • Automated calculation of overtime hours–a process that is completely manual now, which is both time consuming and leaves room for human error.
  • On-screen notices with details previously included in the email sent to all university leave representatives (holiday and authorized closing information, for example).
  • A calendar format that’s in alignment with the Virginia Tech work week (Saturday–Friday).
  • The leave codes displayed on the screen are specific to the employee who is logged in (faculty, for example, will only see faculty leave codes) with the most commonly used codes listed at the top.
  • Supervisors can identify the status of an employee's leave report (Submitted-Needs Approval; Not Ready for Approval or Approved, for example).


Online tutorials are available on the Hiring and Employee Transaction site.

Future Phases

  • Phase I includes the details shared above.
  • Phase II includes development of these additional features:
    • Ability for employee to request time off and supervisor to approve it.
    • Integration with other central processes, including the Employee Dashboard.
    • Automated calculation of leave payment due to employees who separate from the university.
  • Phase III includes development of these additional features:
    • Ability to employees to set a hierarchy of leave usage. For examples, individuals will be able to tell the system what type of leave they want to use first, second, and third.
    • Hierarchy of leave usage.
    • Ability to customize the system based on alternate work schedules for certain departments on campus, including the Police Department.
    • Ability to track and record leave donations-a process that is completely manual now, which is both time consuming and leaves room for human error.


Individuals who have suggestions for additional enhancements to the system are welcome and encouraged to submit those to the Leave Team.