Leave Manual

The guidelines in this manual provide procedures and clarification of state and university leave policies to classified staff and university staff, and procedures and clarification of university policies to faculty. This manual is intended to be used with the Virginia Tech Staff Employee Handbook, Virginia Tech Faculty Handbook, the Virginia Tech Handbook for Research Faculty, Virginia Sickness and Disability Program Handbook, and the Virginia Department of Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual, as well as other relevant memoranda and publications. Effort will be made to keep this manual current but there will be times when policy and/or guidelines may change before the manual can be revised. This is not intended to replace or be considered policy for the university but rather an aid to assist in communication and interpretation.

The right is reserved to eliminate, revise, or add to this document as state and university policies and procedures dictate.

These guidelines do not apply to hourly wage, per diem, or temporary salaried faculty employees, as they do not accrue leave.

Following each major heading, the applicable leave reporting code is listed in parenthesis.

Title Description
Chapter 21: Workers' Compensation (WC) Defines the process of applying applicable leave while on Workers' Compensation.