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Departmental Responsibilities

To ensure that operations run as smoothly as possible during authorized closings and delayed openings, departments should have the following items in place:

  • Designated emergency personnel.
    • Emergency personnel are those employees, salaried or wage, assigned to positions identified by their departments as necessary to the maintenance of the vital operations and services of the university. Emergency personnel are required to work during an authorized closing, and should be promptly notified of any change in their designation. Employees who have been designated as emergency personnel must be informed of their status and any specific expectations.
  • An up-to-date Emergency Personnel Roster.
    • Departments should maintain an accurate Emergency Personnel Roster. The roster is for departmental use only.
  • An emergency communications plan.
    • Each department should have a communication plan for supervisors and employees to follow during emergency situations. This should be shared with employees. Employees should also check with their supervisors concerning  a  telephone tree or other communications plan developed for authorized closings.

Note: Authorized closing applies to the Blacksburg, Virginia campus or other specific campus locations across the state. Non-emergency personnel who telework on authorized telework arrangements are expected to continue working their normal schedule during an authorized closing and will not receive compensatory leave. If employees who telework on authorized telework arrangements are not able to do so due to a power outage or other condition preventing the ability to work during an authorized closing, they should consult immediately with their supervisor.