AirFeet Technologies

Employees receive 15 percent off entire purchase, all brands included, by using the online code PC46205.

CPR Certified

Employees receive 50 percent off online CPR and First Aid certification training (maximum discount of $50 when selecting more than one course). Use code STUDENT50 at checkout.

Gtech Fitness

Enjoy a 5 percent discount on all products from Gtech Fitness, a leading online supplier of fitness equipment, offering quality benches, racks and accessories. Use promo code VTech for free shipping and discount.

Master Supplements, Inc.

Employees receive 25 percent off any digestive health products including, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and prebiotic fiber powder. Use the online code VTECH at checkout.

Naturally Slim, Inc.

Naturally Slim is extending a discount price of $299 for the full Naturally Slim 12-month program. The retail prices is $560. This is over a 45 percent discount. Offer is available via online checkout at for the entire academic year. Use code VT Naturally Slim at checkout.

Weight Watchers

The Commonwealth of Virginia offers Weight Watchers at special pricing to state employees, spouses and adult dependents. Employees eligible for the health benefits program may also be reimbursed for half the cost of services, once they have completed program requirements.

Fitness Centers

Various Virginia fitness centers offer discounts to Virginia state employees. The discounts listed below are for Virginia Tech employees.

  • Gold's Gym (The Fan) offers free enrollment and membership for $29.99 a month.
  • Gold's Gym (Willow Lawn) offers free enrollment and two free personal training orientations. See Aaron Gunter.
  • Health Nutz Fitness & Aquatics offers employees $5 off an individual membership for each month enrolled. This applies to month to month, 90-day, and one year contracts. Family memberships are available for $110/month with a one-year contract. For more information, call 434-589-6100.
  • Midlothian Athletic Club in Richmond, Virginia, offers free enrollment and the first month free. Monthly members rates are $44 for (individual), $64 (couple), and $79 (family). State employees are also eligible for a two week free trial.
  • Richmond Balance offers a 12 month enrollment of $49 per month or a 24 month enrollment for $39 per month. In addition, the enrollment fee will be discounted 50 percent to $49.
  • CrossFit Stimulus Employees can receive $50 off a 30-day intro or their first month. To redeem the offer, contact CrossFit Stimulus at 757-224-4666 or visit the gym.
  • Curves (Todds Lane) offers a $0 joining fee and the first month free.
  • Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center offers discounted rates for employees at $56.25/month for the Total Wellness Package, $47.75/month for the Fitness and Pool package, $40.75 for the Pool package, or $40.75 for the Fitness package. Employees must show a Virginia Tech Hokie Passport. Contact Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center at 757-875-7525 for more information.
  • Zenya Yoga & Massage Studio Employees can receive 15 percent off any yoga and Barre class package. To redeem the offer, contact Zenya Yoga and Massage Studio at 757-643-6900 or visit the studio.
  • Golds Gym (Culpeper) Employees have no enrollment fee and receive a 15 percent discount on monthly dues. For more information, call 540-727-2100.
  • Anytime Fitness offers a 10 percent discount off monthly membership dues.
  • Curves for Women (Salem, Virginia) offers state employees a discount of 50 percent off the enrollment fee and a $35 monthly rate with a 12 month contract. Membership includes classes and access to Curves Smart, a computerized personalized coaching system.
  • Giles County Wellness Center offers a 10 percent discount on memberships.
  • Lancerlot Sport Complex offers a $25 enrollment fee and $72.90 per month (for families) or 53.10 per month for individuals.
  • The Weight Club offers 20 percent off normal rates.
  • Carilion Wellness offers a 10 percent discount on monthly dues.