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Employees' Spouse and Dependent Scholarship

Employee Dependent Scholarship
Recipients of the 2019 Employee's Spouse and Dependent Scholarship

The Virginia Tech Employees' Spouse and Dependent Scholarship provides partial financial support to employees' spouses and dependent children who enroll at the university. The scholarship is awarded one time to first semester freshmen or new transfers. The fund was created in 2000 to enrich the university climate by recognizing the value of employees.

Since 2000, the fund has awarded 225 scholarships to incoming students.


The spouses and dependents of all salaried full and part-time staff, faculty, and wage employees excluding emergency and sporadic hires are eligible, regardless of income level. The student must be admitted as a full-time freshman or entering transfer student in any undergraduate degree program at Virginia Tech.


To be eligible, the 2019-20 applicant must fill out the FASFA by March 1 of each year (for admission in the fall) and the 2019-20 Virginia Tech Scholarship Central by Jan. 22. In the Virginia Tech application check the box beside the question asking if the applicant has a spouse or parent who works at Virginia Tech.


The amount of the scholarship, and the number of scholarships offered, is determined based on the available funds each year. The scholarship will be cancelled if the employee of the university resigns prior to the beginning of the semester for which the award is designated. In the event of an employee's death, the related recipient retains the full scholarship.


The scholarship is administered by the Employees’ Spouse and Dependent Scholarship Program Committee, appointed by the university president.

Members include one representative nominated by each of the following groups to serve staggered three-year terms: Commission on Classified Staff Affairs (classified staff), Commission on Faculty Affairs (faculty), Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs (faculty), Employee Benefits Committee (classified staff), Division of Human Resources, and the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.  Additionally, one representative from the president’s staff and one representative from University Development serve as ex officio members of the committee.

Supporting the fund

The scholarship is supported by donations, a majority of which comes from Virginia Tech employees.