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COVID-19: What you need to know regarding benefits

COVID-19 leave information:

Vist the following pages for information on the following leave types that are available due to the impact of COVID-19:

If you have questions about these leave types, contact your department leave representative, college/business unit HR contact, or the HR Leave Team.

Flexible Spending Accounts

In these rapidly changing times, it is important to stay updated about your healthcare policy. Eligible Virginia Tech employees may be enrolled in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), which allows employees to set aside money each pay period for use on qualified healthcare and dependent care expenses. The following is the most recent available information regarding the impacts of COVID-19 on flexible spending accounts. Read a campus notice about FSA.

Anthem Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) website resources available to all employees

Anthem will be providing Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) website resources to all employees including those not receiving EAP benefits through the state employee health plan. Employees can access these resources by going to  and entering EAP Can Help as the company code. Resources include recorded webinars, legal forms, financial tools, articles, and skill builders. Read a campus notice about EAP.

Financial relief for COVID-19 testing provided through state employee health plans

Virginia state employee health plans are taking steps to help members who suspect they have the illness by covering the cost of the test. Testing must be ordered by your attending physician and approved by your health plan. In addition to covering the cost of the test, patient co-pays will be waived for a 90-day period if you are covered under specific COVA Health Plans. Read a campus notice about testing and health plans.

New Employee Orientation

The Division of Human Resources is thrilled to welcome employees to Virginia Tech and conducts New Employee Orientation for all new employees. New hires are scheduled to attend an orientation meeting within the first month of employment due to the benefits enrollment deadline. Orientation sessions are currently being lead through Zoom. Visit the New Employee Orientation webpage for more information.

We are here for you!

Our Staff and Faculty work tirelessly to make your onboarding experience the best! Please send questions and documents to HR Service Center; our primary source of contact. With more specific questions please contact the following:

HR Service Center
Submit to HR Secure E-Dropbox
Phone: (540) 231-9331
Fax: (540) 231-3830

Leigh Ann Flinchum, Insurance Specialist
Teresa Lyons, Benefits Manager

Staff Retirement:
Jesse Kate Lippard, Benefits Specialist

Faculty Retirement: 
Ann Cronley, Benefits Manager
Erin Moleon, Retirement Analyst

Rebecca Hubble, Leave Programs Manager
Jackie Reid, Senior Leave Analyst
Amy Linkous, Leave Analyst
Morgan Wall, Leave Analyst

Raksha Sharma, Benefits Specialist