Employees and management are encouraged to resolve concerns informally through discussion or through the use of mediation. Employee Relations and the Office for Equity and Accessibility are available to help with these discussions and with mediation and conflict resolution. This program offers opportunities to individuals to participate in mediation, facilitation, and other informal conflict resolution strategies to address a dispute or conflict with another person(s). The program includes workshop and individual skill building opportunities which nurture individual learning and growth.

Grievance process

If an employee is not able to resolve a problem through informal means, the grievance process is the next step.

A grievance is defined as an unresolved issue concerning the application of university policy, practice, or procedure. Through the grievance process, an employee can request upper level management review of a workplace concern or management action. This process is formal and requires that rules be followed strictly.

Employee Relations will assist employees with resolving conflicts informally or through the grievance process and will coach managers on appropriate responses to grievances.


  • The faculty grievance procedure is outlined in the Faculty Handbook. Grievances must be filed within 30 days of the time the action being grieved occurred.


  • The staff grievance procedure is outlined in the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management Grievance Procedure Manual. Grievances must be filed within 30 days of the time the action being grieved occurred.


Employee Relations
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Katryn Stewart
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