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Benefits of Working at Virginia Tech

This page contains a list of some of the major benefits, resources and "perks" available to employees of Virginia Tech. This is not intended to be an "all-inclusive" list. If you have any questions, please contact your local Human Resources Representative or you may also contact a member of the Virginia Tech Human Resources Service Center.

Continuing Education
Tuition Assistance

Salaried employees who have been with the university for at least 90 days are eligible to apply for tuition assistance. The program applies to full- and part-time salaried employees who wish to take credit courses at Virginia Tech or other accredited institutions.


  • Must meet all student admissions requirements, registration and payment deadlines
  • Must be a salaried employee for at least 90 days
  • Employees in a leave status are not eligible for a tuition waiver or reimbursement
  • Courses and degree programs must be approved by employee's supervisor

Salaried full-time employees

  • Eligible to have tuition waived or reimbursed up to 12 credit hours per academic year (fall through summer II)
  • May not to exceed six hours in a fall, spring, summer I, or summer II term

Salaried part-time employees

  • Eligible for up to six credit hours per academic year with the tuition waiver and reimbursement program
  • May not to exceed three hours in a fall, spring, summer I, or summer II term
Professional Development

There are a variety of resources available to employees that can help improve skills, provide additional insight and knowledge, and allow employees to continue their workplace learning.

University Organizational and Professional Development (UOPD)

University Organizational and Professional Development, in the Department of Human Resources oversees the development and delivery of the professional development programs and consulting service offered to all Virginia Tech employees. The group hosts about 120 workshops each year that cover a variety of topics, such as “Collaborative Problem Solving,” “Critical Thinking Skills,” “Leading Change,” and “Project Management.” They also host several cohort programs, including the Management Academy and the Executive Development Institute.

Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI)

Networked Learning Initiatives is a centralized, cross-discipline professional development program available to all faculty and graduate students.

Foreign Language Courses

Free foreign language conversation courses for faculty and staff are offered in the fall and spring semesters, and include Arabic, Chinese (standard Mandarin), Spanish, Italian, German, and French.

Diversity Development Institute

The Diversity Development Institute is designed to enhance university-wide diversity and inclusion efforts contributing to the core mission of Virginia Tech. With a focus on cultivating competencies through awareness, personal engagement, and professional development seminars, the Diversity Development Institute works to foster a more inclusive university environment.

All employees have free unlimited access to, a website that offers a library of nearly 70,000 instructional videos. The video tutorials include software, creative, and business skills taught by industry experts and are accessible via a desktop or laptop computer or mobile device.

Safari Books Online

Sponsored by University Libraries, Virginia Tech subscribes to a custom Safari Books Online Library of over 16,000 ebooks and online video titles in the areas of technology, digital media, and business.

University Libraries

Employees have access to all of the resources offered by the University Libraries.


In addition to the Newman Library, on the main campus in Blacksburg, Va., the library also has satellite locations:

Using library resources

Using a Hokie Passport card as a library card, employees (and their spouses and children with a valid photo ID) may check out any of the libraries' circulating items, which include books, journals, videos, dvds, cds, laptops, and iPads. Employees may also visit the libraries to access the internet and/or use computers.

Using support services

The libraries also provide research and instruction support. College librarians are subject experts providing faculty, staff, and students from each of Virginia Tech’s colleges with information services tailored to the needs of each field. These librarians support their colleges by:

  • purchasing materials - books, videos, serials, databases - in support of the college
  • providing subject-specific research assistance
  • helping design realistic assignments that will deepen and test discipline-specific information skills
  • teaching information skills sessions
  • leading or arranging tours of the libraries
  • assisting with distance education classes

The libraries also offer:

Blacksburg Transit

Service is free to all Staff & Faculty of Virginia Tech with valid University I.D.  Listed as one of Metro Magazine’s top 10 transit systems in North America, Blacksburg Transit is dedicated to providing you with fast, easy, professional and inexpensive transportation all over the town of Blacksburg, across the Virginia Tech campus, and into key spots throughout the surrounding area.

Smart Way bus

The Smart Way bus is a commuter bus service that links the Roanoke Valley to the New River Valley. The service begins in downtown Roanoke at Valley Metro's Campbell Court Transportation Center and ends at the Virginia Tech Squires Student Center.  A great, economic alternative for some commuters!

Van Pool

Van Pool is an exciting new option for commuters which provides several benefits including:  employees share the cost of commuting by sharing the ride, monthly cost of vanpooling is payroll deducted using pre-tax dollars, van pool participants have special reserved parking spaces; vans can be fueled inexpensively at Fleet Services' pump; van maintenance is included in the monthly cost; and qualified vanpool drivers ride for free.

ATMs on campus

There are more than a dozen ATMs from several financial institutions available throughout the campus community for convenience and use.

Proximity to downtown and surrounding areas

Virginia Tech is located in downtown Blacksburg, which means your workplace is actually near many downtown restaurants, shops, banks, and lots of other cool places - all within walking distance and many, many more within just a couple of miles drive or bike ride.

Food choices on campus

Student Programs' department of Housing and Dining Services is pleased to provide employees and students with a national award-winning dining program that is committed to innovation and satisfaction. They serve more than 5 million meals each year at 11 conveniently located restaurants. Come experience dining at Virginia Tech for yourself and find out what makes ours one of the top college dining programs in the nation.

My VT 

My VT provides personalized access to applications and services at Virginia Tech. My VT allows you to access and update your personal information including addresses, phone numbers and leave information; enroll in direct deposit; view/print pay stubs; review your deductions history; change tax withholding allowances for federal and/or state and much more! External information resources are also available including weather, local classified ads, headline news and more – all in one convenient location!

Financial Matters
Virginia Retirement System

Retirement income is based on the number of years of service in the retirement system, age at retirement, and the highest consecutive 36 months of salary.  Full benefits are available at the age of 65 or at the age of 50 with 30 years of service.

Optional Retirement Plans (Faculty Only)

Benefits with the Optional Retirement Plans are based on the level of contributions, investment gains or losses, retirement age and the retirement income option.  Virginia Tech contributes 10.4 percent of the employee's base monthly income to the Optional Retirement Plan.

Pre-retirement Seminars

Pre-retirement seminars are offered annually to all employees regardless of age; covers retirement process, social security and medicare enrollment,  legal issues facing retirees, estate planning and more.

Other investment options/programs

Employees enrolled in one of the qualified 403(b) or 457(b) plans may be eligible for a cash match contribution from the state.  Salaried faculty and staff employees working 20 or more hours per week who contribute $20 per pay period are eligible for the maximum cash match contribution of $10 per pay period.  Employee contributions of less than $20 per pay period are eligible for a 50% cash match contribution.

Financial Planning Workshops

Human Resources brings retirement investment companies to campus regularly for educational workshops and one-on-one advisory sessions to answer questions related to retirement planning.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts are available for medical and dependent day care expenses -- Full-time staff and faculty can hold back a portion of their pay, pre-tax, to pay for medical expenses or for day care for children or dependent older adults.

Health & Wellness
Health benefits

Virginia Tech offers comprehensive medical benefits, with a  variety of health plan options to choose from to best fit your individual circumstance.

Dental insurance

Both standard and expanded dental programs are available.


Hokie Wellness is Virginia Tech’s onsite employee health and wellness program. Monthly programs covering a variety of health and wellness topics are available onsite (by request), via live webinars, and archived online videos. 

Lunch and Learn Nutrition Series

A fun and informative program designed to provide information on a wide range of health related topics including:  healthy cooking/eating, dealing with stress, managing diabetes, and more.

Free flu vaccines

Free flu vaccines for all COVA care members, including covered family members. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As part of Virginia Tech’s health care benefit plan, employees and family members who are covered by the university’s health insurance have access to ValueOptions EAP providers, except in the Hampton Roads area where OptimaHealth is the EAP provider.  The first four visits are free. A co-payment based on your health care plan will be charged for additional appointments.

On site health checks

Onsite health checks for COVA care members are available every two years and include blood pressure, total and LDL cholesterols, diabetes risk assessment, and Body Mass Index.

Healthy Beginnings

A free program for employees who are a member of COVA Care, COVA HDHP and COVA HealthAware administered by MyActiveHealth.   Healthy Beginnings is designed to help women during and after their pregnancy.  Members must sign up before 16 weeks of pregnancy.  For details, call 1-866-938-0349.

Tobacco cessation program

Includes free patches and gum to help you quit. Quit for Life 1-866-Quit 4 Life (1-866-784-8454)

Blood pressure screenings

Blood pressure screenings are offered throughout the year at various Virginia Tech locations, including National Capital Region, Main Campus, Commonwealth Campus Centers, and Agricultural Research and Extension Centers. Blood Pressure screenings are available upon request and availability.

Annual Benefits Open Enrollment Meetings

Communicate changes and serve as a reminder of all services covered under the health insurance plans.

Annual Health and Benefits Fair

The Annual Health and Benefits Fair is free to all wage, staff and faculty members. Services available vary upon vendor availability and may include: Cholesterol Screening, Blood Sugar Screening, Vision Check, Hearing Check, Posture Analysis, Blood Pressure Screening, Bone Density Screening, Body Fat Assessment, Flexibility Assessment, and Strength Assessment. There are various health related activities such as trial group exercise classes, personalized nutrition counseling, acupuncture, chair massage, and Reiki.

Income Protection
Employer provided Life Insurance for staff and faculty

Virginia Tech provides to staff and faculty a life insurance benefit equal to two times their annual salary with no premium payment required by the employee.  In cases of accidental death, a double indemnity clause provides the beneficiary double the amount of insurance or four times their annual salary.

Optional Life Insurance for staff and faculty

In addition to the employer provided life insurance coverage, employees have the option to purchase up to four times their annual salary, if they choose.  

Life insurance for dependents

Through the Optional Life Insurance program, Virginia Tech employees may elect to purchase coverage for their spouse and eligible children. Coverage for a spouse is equal to one half of the employee’s coverage amount and eligible children can be covered in amounts of $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000; depending on the level of coverage selected for the employee.

Short-term disability insurance

Classified and University employees who are participants in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program are provided short-term disability insurance with up to 6 months of income protection.

Long-term disability insurance

Should you become disabled and are not able to work at your job for 6 months or more, this coverage will pay a defined percentage of your salary depending on the options selected.  

Accidental death and dismemberment insurance

Available to all salaried employees. Employees may purchase coverage for themselves or their entire family.  Employees may enroll or cancel coverage at any time. 

Sick leave

Virginia Tech offers an array of leave benefits to allow time off from work to meet various needs of employees. Sick leave may be used for personal illness or medical appointments that cannot be scheduled during non-work hours.

Long-Term Care insurance

State employees participating in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) are covered under the VRS Long-Term Care Program administered by the Long Term Care Group, Inc.   Employees have the option to purchase additional long-term care coverage through the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM). 

Retiree Health Insurance Credit

Paid by VT at the rate of $4 per year of service after minimum of 15 years of service

Retirement payments made during long-term disability

If you leave your job for long-term disability, you don't have to lose out on your retirement. Virginia Tech’s LTD plans provide for retirement contributions/credits for covered employees to continue until they return to work or to age 65.

Recreation & Entertainment
Recreational Sports

McComas gym memberships are available for $129 per semester to full-time staff and faculty members, with group fitness classes available for an additional nominal fee.  War Memorial Hall’s admission is free with Hokie Passport and provides students, faculty, and staff an area to pursue many different sport and recreational activities, such as racquetball, basketball, aerobics, and swimming; group fitness classes are also available at War Memorial Gym for a nominal fee.

Staff Appreciation Day

Each year the University sets aside one day to honor the staff members who work at Virginia Tech. There are tours, events, music, food, fun, and free giveaways by Hokie Wellness, all designed to recognize the dedication and contributions of staff employees of the University.

Recreational Equipment Rentals

The Student Recreation Center has a wide variety of recreational equipment--stuff like backpacks, volleyballs, and camping tents--available for rental to staff and faculty. The Center also organizes recreational trips.

BreakZONE Recreation Center

The BreakZONE is the best place on campus to relax with your friends.  Features include pool tables, bowling lanes with automatic scoring, and table tennis tables.  So when you need a place to unwind: take a break in the ZONE!

Venture Out program

Fun, safe, and, educational outdoor services to the students, faculty, staff, and the community of Virginia Tech.  Venture Out is an affordable way to experience the great outdoors.   

The Perspective Gallery

located on the second floor of Squires Student Center on the Virginia Tech campus, includes exhibitions of works by distinguished artists, available at no charge and within walking distance of most of campus. 


Squires Student Center shows movies several times a week.  

University calendar of events online

A convenient way to keep track of events around campus--sports, parties, musical events, dance, theater and other events.

Work/Life Balance
Lactation rooms

Virginia Tech is proud of its network of 19 lactation facilities, located throughout the Blacksburg and Roanoke campuses. These facilities are open to all students, staff and faculty at the University. Registration is required by completing a short form and returning to Hokie Wellness.

Summer Camps

The Virginia Tech campus is brimming each and every summer with a wide variety of camps to keep youngsters amused and to teach them new skills. Camps include those related to sports, academics, recreation and much more!!

Around a month of paid time off

Full-time calendar year Staff and Faculty earn at minimum a combined total (vacation, holiday, and family/personal) of 28 days of paid time off for the first full calendar year which begins accruing from the start of employment.

Flexible Work Options (FWO)

Virginia Tech supports alternative work arrangements as viable options for staff in some situations based upon the needs of the job, department, and/or organization.  Options include telecommuting, flexible schedules, compressed work weeks, etc.  Obviously, not all jobs lend themselves to such arrangements, and the employee, supervisor and department/organization have to be in agreement. 

VT Women Connect (VTWC)

The goal of VTWC is to promote, develop, and support Virginia Tech’s professional women by providing a forum to forge relationships, develop supportive networks, and share ideas and information.

The Women's Center

Was founded in 1994 to serve the students, faculty, and staff of Virginia Tech.  The mission of the Women’s Center is to promote a Virginia Tech community that is safe, equitable, and supportive for women and that celebrates their experiences, achievements, and diversity.

A Great Community

Recently ranked 14th on the list of America’s most educated small towns, Blacksburg is a unique place to live and to work.  Check out the link to explore more reasons that make VT’s hometown such a special place to be.

Community Information page

This page contains links to area businesses and organizations including the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce which includes, among other things, information on local banking, real estate, utilities, religious organizations, shopping and much more; also links are provided from the Community Information page to other sites including the regional newspaper - the Roanoke Times and the Department of Motor Vehicles for license renewals, vehicle registrations/transfers, and much more.  Check it out!  

Highly ranked area schools

Recently Blacksburg High School was ranked among the top 5% in the nation by Newsweek magazine.  Click the area schools link to find more detail on a variety of public and private schools available in the area.

Assistance locating Child Care

Hokie Wellness’ Work/Life Resources is happy to provide assistance in finding care for your child or children.  Lists include child care providers located throughout the New River Valley, student babysitters lists, as well as information about local public and private schools. Hokie Wellness’ website also offers information about choosing child care.

Virginia Tech Retiree Association

Serves as primary point of contact for retirees.  Designed to maintain contact and communications between the university community and retirees following retirement. 

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