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Worker's Compensation

The purpose of the Workers Compensation Act is to provide compensation to an employee for the loss of his or her opportunity to engage in work, when the disability is occasioned by an injury suffered from an accident arising out of and during the course of their employment.

Reporting Work-related injuries

An injured employee is required to immediately report an accident or illness to the direct supervisor. Upon the employee's notification of the injury to the departmental supervisor, the department is required to offer the employee a Workers' Compensation Panel of Physicians:

  • On-campus departments: The employee must select a physician from the panel of physicians for treatment by completing the Panel Physician Selection form.
  • Off-campus departments: Please click here and fill in all required information to receive a listing of physicians in your area, have the employee select a physician by completing the Panel Physician Selection form.

The department must submit the signed Panel Physician Selection form to the Department of Human Resources (300 Turner Street NW, Suite 2300, Blacksburg Va. 24061) or fax to 540-231-3830.

Those employees needing immediate medical treatment for serious injuries may visit an emergency room and should report the injury as Workers' Compensation at the time treatment is received. Follow-up treatment must be provided by a Workers' Compensation panel physician.

Once an employee reports a job-related injury, the supervisor must immediately file the Employer's Accident Report Form

A claims adjuster from Managed Care Innovations, Virginia Tech's Workers' Compensation carrier, will be assigned to handle the claim.


  • Download a Pharmacy Card, this form will be given to the pharmacy and most all pharmacies participate. There is also a link to find a pharmacy.
  • Prescriptions for Workers' Compensation prescriptions may be paid directly by the employee and reimbursed by our Workers' Compensation carrier in an approved claim
  • The employee will need to submit to the Department of Human Resources the pharmacy receipt (usually stapled to the bag). Please note that a cash register receipt will not suffice for requesting reimbursement.
  • A computer printout signed by the pharmacist that shows patient information, name of the medication, the prescribing doctor, the amount prescribed and the prescription cost is acceptable

Mileage reimbursement

Employees may complete a mileage reimbursement form to report travel for medical visits relating to the Workers' Compensation injury. Forms may be requested from the Department of Human Resources at 540-231-9331.

Job restrictions

It is the employee's responsibility to submit disability slips or job duty restrictions as authorized by the panel doctor to the departmental supervisor. The supervisor must submit the original disability slip for lost workdays to the Department of Human Resources. Please note that it is necessary to submit disability slips in a timely manner for accurate leave reporting purposes. The university does not accept retroactive disability slips.

Return to Work

This Executive Order (52) requires Virginia Tech to make every reasonable effort to return those employees to work who have sustained job related injuries or illnesses, and as a result are prevented from returning to their full former employment. Employees are returned to work on a transitional or full time basis as soon as it is determined to be medically feasible to do so.

The return to work coordinator works closely with injured employees, treating physicians, and departments to facilitate transitional duty assignments until employees return to full employment or are released from medical care. A Physical Capabilities Form is required for all medical visits except for x-ray, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and physical therapy. The employee will give the form to the physician for completion. This form must be returned to the employee's supervisor within 24 hours of the medical visit. Faxed copies will be accepted.

Non-medical injuries

Departments should submit the Employers' Accident Report as an "Incident Only" even if medical treatment is not required at the time of injury. To file the report as an "Incident Only," please indicate on line 44 of the Employers Accident Report that the employee did not see a physician.

For more information contact the Human Resources Service Center: Send an email, start an online chat using the link on the right, or call 540-231-9331.